best mac n' cheese ever

Okay folks, this here recipe is the best mac n' cheese E*V*E*R.  And of course it comes from Gourmet. Where else could deliver such a fabulous recipe? It's very rich and very fattening so be warned but you will not be disappointed. Thank you to my friend Saro for turning me on to it. It's great if you have kids too because you can simply make half the recipe with no chipotle peppers.
I spent all morning making it and them gobbled some up for lunch. I like to do  a lot of heavy cooking in the morning. I seem to get a lot done at those hours. I guess I've always been that way. I used to get up at 4am to study all through nursing school and it worked great for me.
Okay, I have a couple of tips for the recipe. The kind of pasta you get to make it is important. I highly recommend the "Cavatappi" noodle. Its a little bit longer than a regular macaroni and has ridges to catch all that wonderful gooey cheese. You usually can get it at Whole Foods or a gourmet grocery. Your typical supermarket doesn't typically sell it. 

Also, it is hard to find course ground breadcrumbs so you can either make them yourself or you can ask your local baker. If you choose to use a fine ground breadcrumb half the recipe just for the breadcrumbs portion because it will make too much making the dish sandy. Also don't use Panko breadcrumbs. They get too crunchy. My suggestion is just make your own out of a little left over french bread.

Mmmmmm two pounds of white cheddar
just before going in the oven
oooeeeyyy gooeeeyyy deliciousness

Please do yourself a favor and make this. I promise you will not be sorry. Happy eating!

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Alexis said...

I concur...this IS the best mac and cheese recipe EVER!


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