my first adult lunch

Today I had the wonderful fortune to enjoy my first adult lunch since little M was born. It was lovely. I even put on a little black dress with a leopard print cardigan. Usually I'm spotted in leggings and a T.

With these sandals......still missing my heels but these 
will do.

We went to Vinaigrette. It's a lovely salad bistro here in Santa Fe. The restaurant owns a 10 acre farm in Nambe where they grow most of their fabulous ingredients for their salads. I had the "Eat Your Peas" salad. Here's the description:

Fresh baby lettuce and sweet green peas
with crunchy bacon shards, savory white
mushroom sauté and Asiago cheese with
a tart vinaigrette. (9.95)

It was delicious and the atmosphere was lovely. They also had a beautiful patio that I highly recommend. IF you want to sit on the patio you have to get there early! The place is jummpin'. Here's a couple photos I snuck with my iPhone so the quality isn't great.


Alia said...

Looks like fun. I like your food better, it looks prettier.

Hanna said...

What a great compliment. Thanks Alia!!!

Bubby Makes Three said...

good on you -- I'm 2 weeks away from my second and Im wishing I made the most of going out for lunches..... for the short window while I could!! What a funky looking cafe!

Hanna said...

Congratulations on baby number 2:) How far apart will your be? Mine only 13 months! YIKES!

Tracey said...

Great restaurant decor.


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