new orleans bbq shrimp

New Orleans BBQ shrimp is a dish all it's own. It's not BBQ with a red tangy sauce that you slap on a grill. This is a scrumptious shrimp dish baked in the oven requiring lots bread for sopping up the mouth watering sauce and lots of napkins for cleaning your greasy little face and hands afterwards. My husband made this for us last night. I took the baby out for our evening walk and on our way back I could smell it half a block away from the house and knew it was going to be a good batch.

This is my "pizza" salad. I love this it's soooo simple, fresh and delicious. It's tomato, cucumber, and red onion. We put cubed fresh mozzarella in this time because we had it lying around but usually I just do the veggies.

This is what family dinner looks like at my house

 Pascale Manale is responsible for creating this awesome dish. If your ever in New Orleans, its a great, historic, delicious place to eat. My husband won't give out his version of the BBQ shrimp recipe and I don't blame him but this recipe is very close to my husband's and claims to be very close to the original from Pascale Manale. Make sure to get lots of french bread to sop up all the juice.


Silver Strands said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing - I'm always wondering about new ways to make shrimp.

Your blog is fabulous! I will definitely be back!

Hanna said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I'm just starting out so that means the world to me.

Stephanie Rose said...

I AM DROOLING!!! Soooo gonna try this over the weekend! My husband wants Chinese tonight, (I almost fought with him to make this instead!) lol...Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Rose said...

awesomeness....made it & linked to you:


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