blueberry morning

Painting little Milton's room, of course, took longer than expected so by bedtime we had managed to do one full coat plus two coats around the edges but still had one last coat to go.

The sleeping situation quickly declined. Little M was in our room in a pack and play. I had planned on sleeping in there with him but the very moment I tried to sneak into my bed he woke up so it was onto the couches for my husband and I. No sleep, aching back and still painting to do this morning. ROUGH!

So, there was no other alternative but to make blueberry muffins. Thank God for beautiful food. It always helps. ALWAYS!

 Feed me one of those muffins PRONTO!


Meghan said...

MMMM blueberry muffins are my favorite. Following you from Bloggy moms JaMonkey!

Hanna said...

Thanks Meghan! I'll come pay you a visit:)

Kim said...

These look great..

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier..I"m not following you thru GFC

Anonymous said...

do you think blackberries would make a fine substitute???


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