Rue La La

Just in case anybody missed out the other day, I wanted to invite you to join Rue La La.  It's invite only and when you become a member they give you $20 dollars credit toward any of their boutiques (it takes one day for your credit to show up). The boutiques change every 2 days so your bound to find something you like. I already scored a great pair of Paige Denim jeans that I am using as incentive to loose baby weight. 
Anyway, They just emailed me letting me know that some of the upcoming boutiques are Kate Spade, Diesel, Michael Kors, and Havianas so I was excited!!! I just thought I'd share the wealth. Click here for your invite!!! Happy Shopping!!! 
Before you go make sure you take *PEEK* at my handmade
And I'd love a quick vote here if you have a moment:)


Cheyla Marie said...

Oooh thank you!

Kelly said...

Love that site!

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

thank you so much for visiting me!!! I can't wait to explore your blog! My sister has a 7 month old baby and I told her about you. You have some really neat things here! I'll be back to visit soon!


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