Sponsor Welcome

I am so pleased to introduce you all to my newest sponsor, The Puzzled One. This is a store that offers all handmade wooden toys and puzzles. All these wooden goodies are beautifully handcrafted and will last for years to come. You know me, I love the idea to give anything handmade to a child but these are also great because they are educational as well. These would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a wide age range. Here is glimpse of some of the beautiful wooden goodies you can find over at The Puzzled One.

The Puzzled One offers beautifully crafted, personalized name puzzles, personalized photo puzzles and I love the paint your own puzzle kits. The Puzzled One even offers free shipping on orders $100 or more.

Please help me show The Puzzled One a warm bouffe e bambini welcome and go browse around their lovely handmade shop and pick up something early from your Christmas list.


Travel Queen said...

Following you back from this weekend's hop. What beautiful puzzles - too bad :( my guys are past that wonderful stage

alissa4illustration said...

My son's love puzzles.

I'm following you back. My blogs are: Milking the Issue, The Apel's and Cookie Art.

Puzzled1 said...

Travel Queen, I have puzzles for all ages on my site. You should check them out.


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