33 Weeks

33 weeks pregnant one year apart!!
It's amazing how much bigger I was the first time around!!

How far along? 33 weeks
Baby’s Size: Over 4  pounds
Bellybutton: Still in

Stretchmarks: No new ones but the old ones are more visible now
Maternity Clothes: Yes, Everyday but at least I'm not as big as I was last year:)

Gender: sweet baby GIRL! Little Ginger!!! 

Movement: YES!!! Lots and lots of kicking. 
Sleep: Well, unfortunately this has taken a turn for the worse but I am grateful it lasted as long as it did. I was only sleeping a couple hours a night with little Milton by the 7th month!

Symptoms: Short of breath, dizzy, tired, back ache, serious mood swings. My poor, poor husband and these NEVER seem to change! 

Food Aversions: I'm not very hungry these days. I don't think there's enough room in my body for food and my little Ginger! But I think my OB will be finally be happy because I'll probably loose a few pounds. Those doctors are driving me crazy!! I'm a nurse so I think I'm programmed to think that way anyhow but seriously I have never been harassed so much in my life about my weight and I'm pregnant for crying out loud!! AND I've only gained 17 pounds so far. Anybody else have the same experience? 
Food Cravings: Cookies and Milk........Danish butter cookies to be exact!
Best Moments this week: I have new opportunities on the horizon that I am VERY excited about!! I'll share more about that later
What I miss: MY SKINNY JEANS AND HIGH HEELS!! Still true from last week! STILL!!! I've been pregnant for 2 years straight.
What I am Looking forward to:  Decorating the nursery and I get to start this week. YAY!
Milestones: Only 7 weeks to go

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H*A*P*P*Y  H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S 


mizzlizzbeck said...

I hate the weight pressure you get from doctors during your pregnancy! I gained a LOT of weight with my first pregnancy, but I didn't gain any in my second, so my doctor was putting me on a special diet to get me to gain some weight, which I couldn't follow because I was never really hungry. It was weird. The whole experience made me feel horrible every time she said, "Now you need to be eating more because you're not gaining," even though my daughter was perfectly healthy and a solid 8 pounds when she was born! Ugh! I'm going to be starting the journey on baby number 3 soon (off the birth control today), so hopefully she won't nag me as much about the weight this time around.

m&msmommy said...

Adorable! I love cookies and milk, and I'm not pregnant! :)

Have a great day!

Janine said...

You are looking lovely. You are blessed that you are smaller the second time around. For me it was the other way around.
And now after reading about your cravings I also feel like cookies and milk!!!!

Taryn said...

Conrgats on baby girl!!!

Barbie and Kyle said...

Congratulations!!! HOW FUN! I'm so excited for you. We have 7 kids, and our babies are 43 weeks apart. Currently they are 14 months and 3 months. (They will be in the same school year..eek!)

Let me say, that it isn't as hard as everyone will have you believe. The only time I feel it's hard is when it comes to getting out the door. That takes forever, but other than that I LOVE having them so very close.

Thanks for the following. I'm following back. Great blog! I'm excited to read more.

PoetessWug said...

You're looking great!! Never mine those doctors!!! Tell them stress is worse for you than weight...Lay off docs!! ;-)

Sky Princess said...

Your new baby is just around the corner. However 33 weekers are rarely 4 pounds, more like 3 to 3 1/2 pounds.

Just a NICU nurse.

Jill said...

Wishing you all the best! You look great!

If you get a chance to stop by I'm having a holiday giveaway:


Have a great day!


Lindsay said...

Danish butter cookies? YUM!

Vanessa Jackeline said...

You are so great at keeping track of your pics from the weeks, one doctor made me feel so bad about my weight when I was pregnant that I never went back to her and changed to another one, I want to have another baby soon too and I will take pics every week too, thanks for the idea

mienkintoshfairie said...

Congrat, and you look like you're glowing. Cookies and milk are a great snack ^_^. At least it's not an odd craving.

Elle Sees said...

i only have a furbaby (ha), so i've never experienced pregnancy. i like how real you present it. like finally, someone tells the truth!

The Crazy Coxes said...

You look great!
Congrats on the baby girl. Won't that be fun!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the blog visit and sweet comment! I remember not being able to eat much when I was in my last trimester too. I only gained 20 pounds the whole time, but trust me, I had the "maternal fat" part taken care of! You look great!

Johanna said...

I was bigger the first time around too. I think it has to be the fact that we already had one to chase around. You look great! xoxo.


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