Handmade Gift Guide

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas filled with love and laughter, family and friends. I certainly did! I will share a few photos of our little family's Christmas over the next few days.
Even though Christmas was yesterday I bet your still in the giving and receiving mood. I know I am. My hubby surprised me with a mini laptop and I hoped on Etsy last night and grabbed myself a handmade laptop case for it:) 
So, for all of you who still have shopping to do for others or yourself here's a little gift guide featuring all my amazing sponsors who I am so grateful for especially around the holidays. 

I'll take one of these GORGEOUS vintage beso handbags

These ADORABLE leg warmers for Ginger from Knotty Tots

These COZY fingerless gloves from DyNamo

This GORGEOUS little dress for Ginger from Up To My Knees In Crafts

This ADORABLE clutch from Charm Design. By the way, I happen to be giving one these clutched away right now. Click HERE to enter!!

This ADORABLE bib for Ginger from lillybelle Designs

A pair of these ADORABLE shoes for Ginger from KathyDee Cozy Toes

A pair of these CUTE leg warmers fromB:mod design

This ADORABLE pattern from So Tei-Tei

This GORGEOUS little hat from Creative Dragonfly

This BEAUTIFUL wooden puzzle from The Puzzled One

All of these gorgeous things are handmade!!! I hope you will consider buying handmade the next time you need a gift or something special for yourself. Handmade is beautiful and unique!!! It makes any gift E*X*T*R*A special!!! 

You can enter to win some handmade goodies HERE. I always have amazing handmade giveaways going on. I am so grateful to my lovely sponsors for this!!! 



Mommy said...

Hi I'm hosting a bloghop I'd love for you to come link up! It's called Mommy Mondays. Stop by & make some new friends :)


Tania :)

Renee Ann said...

Thanks for following my blog, Hanna! Now I'm following you and will soon be checking out your giveaways!

Selena said...


Thank you for hopping by The Enchanted Book! I'm here to follow back and I think I might just have to stay awhile, especially on your recipe page.

Have a great week, and congratulations on the new baby to come soon!

The Enchanted Book

Katerina said...

Merry Christmas, Hanna!

Hand made gifts are the best and how cute are all these things you've found! Thanks for sharing!
Look forward to more of your posts :)

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