i'm feelin' lucky

Guess what folks? I won these gorgeous party invitations!!!! It's PERFECT timing too. Little Milton's first birthday is 2 months away and now I've got the cutest little invitations. One less thing I have to worry about. Mommy likey!!

The giveaway was through Little Lovely blog. Please go check them out. They always post adorable things and great party ideas for the little ones. 

dreaming in color

Here are a few color inspirations for little Milton's room. Sometime this month we are going to be painting his room. I love this dark celery color. Since we moved back into our house 2 days after he was born there was no time to paint or decorate anything. I think we will go with GREEN!

Since we have another baby on the way, we are currently renovating our garage and making into a music studio for my husband. Once his now office is moved into the new studio we will have a free bedroom for the new baby. I think we will paint the new baby's room a warm sienna yellow. I think it's so joyful and will go with any color scheme.


Sometimes I really miss New Orleans, the food especially. This morning I'm craving a plate of fried green tomatoes, a soft shell crab po boy, dressed of course, and a frozen coca cola from Liuzza's. If anybody makes it down there anytime soon, please go eat there. Cash only!

saturday's farmer's market

Sweet Pea Tomatoes. They are about the size of a pencil eraser. Little beauties

i love a freebee

A couple of weeks ago Pretty Mommy had a lovely little giveaway with layering tanks. I was lucky enough to get one. Look how cute!

And look how perfect it goes with my little pink and white Jcrew sundress. I love it. Please go to her blog and check it out. She also has a lovely store that has really cute things. 

best mac n' cheese ever

Okay folks, this here recipe is the best mac n' cheese E*V*E*R.  And of course it comes from Gourmet. Where else could deliver such a fabulous recipe? It's very rich and very fattening so be warned but you will not be disappointed. Thank you to my friend Saro for turning me on to it. It's great if you have kids too because you can simply make half the recipe with no chipotle peppers.
I spent all morning making it and them gobbled some up for lunch. I like to do  a lot of heavy cooking in the morning. I seem to get a lot done at those hours. I guess I've always been that way. I used to get up at 4am to study all through nursing school and it worked great for me.
Okay, I have a couple of tips for the recipe. The kind of pasta you get to make it is important. I highly recommend the "Cavatappi" noodle. Its a little bit longer than a regular macaroni and has ridges to catch all that wonderful gooey cheese. You usually can get it at Whole Foods or a gourmet grocery. Your typical supermarket doesn't typically sell it. 

Also, it is hard to find course ground breadcrumbs so you can either make them yourself or you can ask your local baker. If you choose to use a fine ground breadcrumb half the recipe just for the breadcrumbs portion because it will make too much making the dish sandy. Also don't use Panko breadcrumbs. They get too crunchy. My suggestion is just make your own out of a little left over french bread.

Mmmmmm two pounds of white cheddar
just before going in the oven
oooeeeyyy gooeeeyyy deliciousness

Please do yourself a favor and make this. I promise you will not be sorry. Happy eating!

first tooth

Month after month I was SURE that little M was teething. "oh he's drooling" "he's been chewing on everything" "he's so cranky today. He must be teething." Somehow any time anything is wrong we quickly try to blame it on something like teething. I guess it makes us feel better to think there must be a reason for all this incessant complaining. So according to me Little M has been teething for about 5 months now:) But today he actually cut his first tooth. I guess tomorrow I will be out buying a little tooth brush and tooth paste even if it is for just one tiny straggler.

party planning

I've been so excited about little Milton's first birthday. Yes I know it's over two months away but we're always on a tight budget so I figure if I start planning and gathering now it will all work out in the end. So I came across this wonderful layout a couple weeks ago and it inspired me to plan Milton's party. There's even a free how to guide on how to make the lovely rosettes. I'm going to hang a sea of them from the ceiling in the dining room. So here's my progress so far!!! What do you think of my color scheme? Turquoise and orange!!

currently reading

Sooooo in my 5 minuets of daily free time I am reading Women, Food, and God. I saw the author on Opera and decided maybe it was a good read for me. I like it. I think it makes a lot of sense. I've been struggling with weight and body image for just about ever and this is a unique point of view. If your a crazy person who likes to obsess, crash diet, binge eat, starve themselves or just be totally preoccupied with food you might like this book. 

My husband and I are also reading Super Baby Food. I highly recommend this book to any parents who are making or want to be making their baby's food. It is like the baby food making bible. It has EVERY last thing you could possibly want or need to know. So, if you need a baby food book, buy this one!

tuesday's farmers market

Little M and I religiously go to the Farmer's Market twice a week. Today we only had a five dollar budget so we didn't stay too long but here's a couple shots.

dreaming of

three more weeks until we find out the sex but I can't help but day dream about these lovelies....

find them here
find these here   
And these here 
find these here
and these here

my first adult lunch

Today I had the wonderful fortune to enjoy my first adult lunch since little M was born. It was lovely. I even put on a little black dress with a leopard print cardigan. Usually I'm spotted in leggings and a T.

With these sandals......still missing my heels but these 
will do.

We went to Vinaigrette. It's a lovely salad bistro here in Santa Fe. The restaurant owns a 10 acre farm in Nambe where they grow most of their fabulous ingredients for their salads. I had the "Eat Your Peas" salad. Here's the description:

Fresh baby lettuce and sweet green peas
with crunchy bacon shards, savory white
mushroom sauté and Asiago cheese with
a tart vinaigrette. (9.95)

It was delicious and the atmosphere was lovely. They also had a beautiful patio that I highly recommend. IF you want to sit on the patio you have to get there early! The place is jummpin'. Here's a couple photos I snuck with my iPhone so the quality isn't great.


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