Yesterday my husband and I took the baby downtown for a walk. We stumbled into Overland Sheepskin to look at the hats for my hubby and I saw this sweater. It is so soft and snugly and perfect for my ever expanding belly. I love that it's a poncho so I'll never feel constricted or hot. I spent all evening trying to convince my husband why I couldn't live without it. I'm totally obsessing over it. We'll see what happens.

Well, I better skedaddle because the house is a literal pig sty and I really don't feel like cleaning. Maybe a nice long nap instead?

Oh and here's last night's green chile chicken stew....YUM.

holy peach pie

Holy mother of God!!! This may be the best pie I've had in years. I think it's safe to say my husband is never going to leave me now, not after this pie!

The peaches came from a local farm and weighed nearly half a pound each, so juicy they just melt in your mouth. The actual recipe is very simple and can be found here. The crust turned out sooooooo flaky and delicious. Here is the recipe for that. 

Please make this pie if you access to some beautiful peaches. You will NOT be disappointed. Making this pie totally made my day.

Beautiful local farm grown peaches
All sliced up

About 5 cups worth

The beautiful crust
All mixed up
fill er' up
Latice finished, egg wash appied, ready to bake
The crust is a piece of heaven
Mmmmm with Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean ice cream
He LOVES these beautiful peaches

such a "mom" dinner

I always have to laugh at myself when I cook something like this because it's just such a "mom" dinner.  I guess I'm still not sure if I really consider myself a grown up. Most of the time my husband and I are always on the hunt for new and exciting recipes that are gourmet and exotic. But I guess now that I have a baby and am growing another one I should probably just resign to the fact that I am in deed a "mom". So here's tonight's dinner: garlic, mushroom chicken with corn on the cob and pepperoni bread. No recipe required. Just cook it!

little M's room

Okay so as you know we spent all of Saturday and a little of this morning painting little Milton's room. Here are a couple shots. What so you think?

blueberry morning

Painting little Milton's room, of course, took longer than expected so by bedtime we had managed to do one full coat plus two coats around the edges but still had one last coat to go.

The sleeping situation quickly declined. Little M was in our room in a pack and play. I had planned on sleeping in there with him but the very moment I tried to sneak into my bed he woke up so it was onto the couches for my husband and I. No sleep, aching back and still painting to do this morning. ROUGH!

So, there was no other alternative but to make blueberry muffins. Thank God for beautiful food. It always helps. ALWAYS!

 Feed me one of those muffins PRONTO!

saturday's farmer's market

S*A*T*U*R*D*A*Y, It's my favorite day of the week. Farmer's Market was hoppin' as usual. Today we scored shishito peppers, huge leeks, potatoes and peaches weighing half a pound each. 

This weekend is going to be full of mouth watering posts so stay tuned. Tonight we're making green chile chicken stew with our fresh roasted chile from last weekend and a french free range chicken. Monday we're making potato, peppers and eggs on hoagie rolls, which is AMAZING if you've never tried it you must, and I'm making a peach pie from scratch. I got the most beautiful peaches I've ever seen. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

little M's carrots

We're so fortunate to have a Farmer's Market near by that we can get beautiful farm grown organic produce for little M. Here are the carrots we made for him this week..........so sweet and delicious......he loves them.

kids sale

Come check out this little shop.................all this gorgeous handmade stuff is 75% off which means usually what's $60 or $70 is now $15 or $18. I want ALL of these adorbale dresses.........ahhhhhh, I wish I knew the sex of our baby.


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