i love my blog because

when I don't feel good,
I can come here and speak my mind.
I can be surrounded by beautiful things,
lovely people,
delicious food,
and beautiful images.  


a chocolate chip afternoon

After looking around this mess of a house, I decided today I would only dedicate to cooking and cleaning, and because my poor husband works three jobs so I can stay home with little M while I'm pregnant  I thought it might be nice to bake him some chocolate chip cookies. I baked. Milton played. We had a great afternoon.


baby milton's carrots

My husband has been making little M's food since he starting eating solids. It surprisingly isn't as time consuming as you would think. We buy in bulk and then freeze most it. So we find that if you do one or two food items per weekend your always stocked up and have lots of variety. If your interested in making your babies food but don't know where to begin there is a book called Super Baby Food that we really like.

These are the carrots that we get from the farmer's market which I love because they are organic and locally farm grown. The red ones are really sweet. Milton loves them.


i love a freebee

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love a freebee. So I overheard from a few different places that diamondearrings.org was giving away free man made diamond earrings. My first thought was YEAH RIGHT! But I was curious of course so I hopped on over there and signed up. They aren't completely free. You have to pay the shipping which is $3.77. I was still skeptical thinking surely they will just take my shipping fee and I'll never get anything but 4 days later a little red velvet box showed up and inside were 2 one carat synthetic diamond earrings. They are the perfect size, princess cut, and the posts are sterling silver. A total score!! So, all you have to do is mention that they are doing this giveaway and give their web address on facebook or twitter or your blog and they will send them to you no questions asked. Oh, I even went and checked out how much synthetic once carat earrings were online and they are anywhere from $50 to $200 dollars so it's a pretty good deal.Anyway, I am no way getting any compensation from them, I just thought I would share the wealth. Enjoy!  Here's the photo I snapped when I opened them up.

sponsor welcome

I am so delighted to introduce you to bouffe e bambini's newest sponsor.  Blu Moon Design is a children's boutique offering G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S handmade clothes for your little ones.  Please help me show them a warm welcome and go browse around their adorable shop.  Also keep in mind that in a couple of weeks they have so generously offered to do a giveaway. So hop on over there now and start sizing up what you could win.

tonight's dinner

In spite of the fact that the Saints did not win today, we still made fried shrimp po boys for dinner. Or I should say my wonderful husband made fried shrimp po boys for dinner. They were scrumptious! I'm not going to write out a recipe because there's not much to it. You just take your raw shrimp and season them with black pepper and Tony Chachere's. Then you coat them with Zateran's fish fry and fry in canola oil (medium-medium/high heat) for 40 seconds. DONE! Serve on a toasted piece of french bread with a squeeze of lemon. 


eleven months

My little Milton is 11 months old this week and suddenly seeming like a little boy. I can't believe his first birthday is only a month away. It's amazing how profoundly intense and different each month was up until now. I wish I could have had just a little more time enjoying him every step of the way. Thank goodness I have another one in the oven because I MISS MY BABY! 


saturday's farmer's market

S*A*T*U*R*D*A*Y.........................I love Saturday................I say this every week but it really is my favorite day of the week. My poor husband who is usually working three jobs only has to work one on this day which means little Milton and I actually get to spend a little time with him...... AND....... it's farmer's market day which always puts me in a great mood. I think I may have missed my calling in life. I should have become a farmer so I could grow ridiculous amounts of beautiful food. I love to see the produce change every week as we move into the fall season. There are so many beautiful squash and pumpkins.
Today we bought shitake mushrooms, shallots, and heirloom tomatoes for dinner tonight and six bunches of multicolored carrots for little M. Recipes and photos to come.



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