Rue La La is giving away a trip to Jamaica!!

Rue La La is giving away a trip to Jamaica for two!!! After having two babies in one year my hubby and I desperately need a getaway!!! So I am inviting you all to join for my chance to be entered to win the vaca.
Also if your new to Rue La La it's a pretty awesome site that offers great deals on designer stuff. I've already oredered TWO pairs of designer jeans that I am dying to get into.
Anyway, you'll get $10 credit to their site if you sign up.
It's invite only so click {HERE} if you want to sign up, get $10 dollars and invitew your friends for a chance to win a vacation to Jamaica:)


Kel said...

Hey Hanna - I've signed up to help with your mission to win the vacation! I had to pretend to live in New York and use that ZIP code as there's no international details! lol
Good luck - I hope you win :)

Lindsay said...

WOW amazing :)

slommler said...

That is awesome!!! I signed up!! Good luck!


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