Handmade Giftguide

Happy Weekend everyone. I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing time with friends or family. I got to rest and spend some time with my family yesterday so I am feeling refreshed.
I like to post a handmade gift guide every Sunday to help promote my love of handmade. I hope next time you have a gift to buy for yourself or a loved one you will consider buying handmade! 
Here's a few items from my wonderful sponsors that I would love to have.

This gorgeous red necklace from Allora Handmade

This beautiful necklace from Hand Made and Lovely

These fabulous earrings from Jewelry 4 Change

This gorgeous necklace from Annalis Jewelry

This gorgeous capelet from Happiknits

This upcycled dress from lil blue boo

This amazing peanut butter and cookies and cream white chocolate bark from Nicole's Homemade Treats

These gorgeous earrings from Cherry Creek Designs

This adorable everyday dress from Up To My Knees In Crafts

This gorgeous handbag from beso handbags

These adorable baby shoes from KathyDee Cozy Toes

This adorable outfit from B:Mod Designs

This adorable bib from lillybelle Designs

This adorable newborn hat from Creative Dragonfly



Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Hanna, these are lovely gifts. I especially like that they are all handmade, and therefore very special. Thank you for sharing.

Tanyia said...

These are really adorable! ....and yummy! :)

Mooninmygarden said...

Hi Hanna, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is gorgeous, love it!

Melissa said...

Hi Hanna, Im glad that you and your family are doing well! I always enjoy looking at all of your gift ideas, and I love Etsy and handmade items also!

The Desert Rocks said...

Pretty blog. I wanted to take a peek.

Little Tree Vintage said...

those necklaces are amazing!!

Thirty-One Trendy Totes said...

Thank you for following me back!

Falling Flat said...

I love all these things! I can't wait until I am able to make handmade gifts swiftly!

Erica said...

These are great! I especially love the necklaces! :)

MishMish said...

Oh that capelet is beautiful!!!


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