My Online Garage Sale

So I have decided to start a little "online garage sale" page! 
I have A LOT of clothes and I haven't been able to wear any of them in 2 years because I've been pregnant. I am about 60 pounds still from being able to wear most things and I fully intend to loose all the weight and in a timely manner! This weight is driving me CRAZY!!! 
Anyway, even though I plan to loose the weight there are a lot of things that I will probably never wear again now that I am a mom so I thought I would go through my closet and see if any of you would like any of it!
This is just the tip of the iceberg. I only had time to go through a tiny portion of my closet while the babies were napping so expect much more coming. 
I have at least 6 pairs of designer jeans to list too. 
 I have a pretty big size range. Anywhere from 6-12 so look around:)
If you are interested in anything or have questions please just email me at 
Oh, and here's the link to the page
{My Online Garage Sale}



Anna said...

What a great idea! I have TONS of baby clothes, maybe I'll borrow your idea if I can get motivated to take them all out. :)


renee kristine said...

ooooh, i need to do something like this! you know those big black garbage bags? i have 3.. maybe 4 of them filled with clothes! baby weight sucks. also, a lot of them are things i should have gotten rid of a long time ago... no way i'll even be the same size i was when i was 17. whomp whooomp

Losing Brownies said...

That is an awesome idea!!

Ashley said...

What a great idea! I may just have to do this with some of my stuff. :]


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