Happy Fat Tuesday

My husband was born and raised in New Orleans and we lived there together for about 2 years before hurricane Katrina took us for all we had. We have since lived in Santa Fe and New York.  We don't get back to New Orleans nearly as often as I would like and we miss it dearly. I wish we had been there this past weekend for some of the best parades. We always loved Endymion and Bacus.
Anyway today is FAT TUESDAY!!!
Fat Tuesday marks the end of carnival or Mardi Gras and is the last day before Lent which will begin tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.
Before I lived in New Orleans I didn't know much of anything about Fat Tuesday or Lent but after living down south for a couple years, I became quiet familiar with it.
The King Cake is a pastry that has been associated with Carnival or Mardi Gras. Traditionally it is a large ring shaped cake that is filled with cream cheese or praline filling and topped with icing that is traditionally purple, gold, and green. There is typically a small plastic baby or trinket placed inside the cake where it cannot be seen. It is said that whomever finds the trinket/baby is supposed to either supply the next King cake or host the next Mardi Gras party. It has also been said that whomever gets the baby will have good luck.
Either way, I think it's a really fun tradition. One of the things I really enjoyed about living in New Orleans was the  incredibly rich culture! I love all the traditions and beliefs. It's really wonderful and I hope to share some of it with my kids.
Anyway, in celebration of carnival I decided to bake some mardi gras cupcakes that I decided to fill with tiny plastic babies in tradition of the King Cake. It was really fun.
Cake recipe {HERE}
And lately if I'm lucky enough to get Ginger to sleep, then this how I entertain Milton while I cook. He will play beside the sink with the water running  for an hour! He loves it!!!! And I can actually cook something!!! 



InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Hannah-

The babies in the cupcakes are cute, but that Milton on the counter is the cutest!!!! What a cutie, I want to kiss those cheeks. Looks like he has the best job in baking - licking the spoon.

My best- Diane

Lindsay said...

I Didnt know you were in New Orleans for Katrina :( SO glad you made it thru my friend!

karen ~ lillybelle Custom Designs said...

Adorable ~~ the cupcakes and Milton!! He is quite the little souz chef!!

Carole Rae said...

=D Happy Fat Tuesday! I already ate a blueberry glazed Pączki. lol. Thats a cute cupcake.

mienkintoshfairie said...

Those look so yummy, and wow your survived hurricane Katrina! Amazing. Milton is your baking buddy I see

MommyMeagan said...

what cute cup-king cakes! we were going to have friends over for gumbo tonight, but time got away from me- as usual. bummer. hey- i'm highlighting your garage sale (and amazing jeans!) tomorrow. I'll email you the link. PS Milton is such a cute baking buddy

Tiffany Ellis said...

Happy Fat Tuesday!


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