My Beso Trunk Show

I'm not sure if you all know this but I am representative for beso handbags. So I either host or attend beso trunk shows in my area. I signed on to be a rep. because I truly L*O*V*E shop owner Johanna's bags. That is the one and only reason!!
The first time I laid eyes on them I just knew, number one, that I HAD to OWN at least one, and number two, that Johanna and her bags were goin' places!!!
 Seriously, these bags are gorgeous. They are all custom made. You get to design your own bag and the fabrics are all vintage. It couldn't get any better than that!!! 
I am so proud to be a rep for beso handbags. If any of you are interested you should contact Johanna! She is a super sweet gal too! 
Anyway, I'm blathering! The point it this is the trunk show I hosted on Saturday. I must admit my ego was a bit bruised because out of about 25 women that I invited only TWO showed up! And the two that did show up are my weekly play date friends!!!  I realize that many of the women I invited really wanted to come but honestly had prior engagements........................ but 25???? It got me to thinking that I should stop planning my own parties and create a business creating other people's parties. Then I don't have to worry about who shows up but I can still have all the fun creating.
 I was pretty bummed out. It just made me feel like an old ,washed up mom. Many of my long time girl friends are not married and do not have kids so I am totally out of the loop. The social events that they are attending just aren't a good fit for me anymore and vice versa.  It's not at all like we don't WANT to see each other.  It just simply doesn't work out. Your life just becomes so different when you have kids. No more 8 O'clock dinners at the bar downtown. It's more like 5:30 dinners while trying to hold one baby and feed the other while both are screaming. So unromantic.
Anyway I totally had one of those high school moments where I felt so totally forgotten.  I thought, "I used to be so popular. What happened?" But I also used to have fabulous dinner parties late at night serving gobs of wine. Now I'm having an afternoon party and serving Perrier and breastfeeding my baby between conversation! Things have just changed! And don't get me wrong. I L*O*V*E my life and my babies and wouldn't dream of having it any other way but sometimes it's just hard.
Can anyone else relate to this??
So on to the party!!
Despite the lack of guests, the three of us had a wonderful time snacking and chatting and looking at gorgeous bags.
Here is the party!!! 

I thought it might be the perfect chance to bring out my Tiffany piture that I never use.
I made New York crumb cake and brownies and decorated them with the adorable beso handbag lables I had made
The G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S bags
Look at all these gorgeous vintage fabric samples to choose from 
Little Milton helping me show off the bags
And you ask, but Hanna how do you manage to get anything done?
This is how!!!! 


Lindsay said...

You are a rockstar momma! Everything looks beautiful :)

Shemah said...

you are a Supermom to the max!! Everything looks amazing and flawless! I can't imagine how you do it so kudos to you! :D :D

PoetessWug said...

I love the baby carrier! :-] Whoever invented that was a genius!!...By the way, not having ever been a mom, I can't really relate about the change to 'Mommyhood'. But I have had changes in my life and focus over the years, and your friends and things change when that happens too...and mine did! Just keep your eye on where you are. Life will come to you....TRUST ME!! :-] I love the party layout and the vintage fabrics on the bags too, by the way. :-)

slommler said...

Well everything looked fabulous!! Sorry people didn't show up! I can so relate!!
Several years ago I threw a party and only two couples showed up! I felt totally abandoned and also I felt like a real dork! It still bothers me! Ha! I know...say lame!!!
Hugging you sweetie!!

Camille said...

This SO happens to me all the time, and yes it makes you feel old and lonely! :-) It looked wonderful!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog!


m&msmommy said...

I can TOTALLY relate! I think it's something all of us moms go through. I'm sorry more people didn't show, but everything looked AMAZING! Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! :)

jmerenberg said...

Gorgeous bags, and lovely party stuff! I would have loved to join you!

I also have the same issues with trying to get people to come to functions. It's tough!

Farmer Jo said...

Looks great! The Ergo is a life saver :)

Keenly Kristin said...

This has happened to me more than! But, you pulled out all the stops, I see! Good for you!!

Kristin :)

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Hello there! It's been a while since I've een by. Fabulous party, everything looks so yummie, but I love those straws! Happy Monday.

Hannah said...

I once invited 40 people to a spa day with Beauti Control and 2 people showed up. I have to say it was very depressing and I never hosted anything of that sort again. But, I didn't let it get to me and moved on. I guess we live and learn! I do identify with the new's hard to be the only one of my close friends with a baby. I so wish we lived closer so that we could encourage each other as we are in the same period of life together. Oh well, it's a season and before we know it, they will be all grown up and having social lives of their own! Love ya girl!

mienkintoshfairie said...

Awwww, *hugs*, that's how I feel about not making any sells in my shop. I used to do well when I did clothing, now I feel so un-cool!

I am with you on the married thing, i have no kids, but my non-married friends party differently than me, and out morals are different now. You are not an uncool mom, you're super cool multi-talented woman! Open your own bakery, now THAT would be awesome! ^_^

Char said...

Everything looks GORGEOUS! Love the glasses, the food looks delish and you are so cute carrying around the baby. I've been there when friends don't show up, or better yet to find out days later you were the ONLY one not invited to a big sha-bang. Life stinks like that sometimes. I guess you just have to kiss your babies on the cheek and tell yourself this is worth it to you!


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