The Handmade Hog and Raspberry Pie in Jars

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Raspberry Pies in Jars
I am totally obsessed with making miniature things and things baked or cooked in individual sized containers.  So, how amazing would it to serve individual sized pies in glass jars? SWOON!!! Perfect for a dinner party or tea party, great for a special occasion like a baby shower or a bridal shower. 
I am testing these out because one of our best friend couples is getting married next month and I want to surprise them with something similar so I thought I would do a couple test runs and I'm glad I did, there were a lot of things to correct. I'll list them here so if you decide to try this you won't have the same problems I did to start. 
1. you must bake the pie crust separately from the pie filling because the filling bubbles up when baking and the cute cut out is lost under the filling when cooked. So you need to place the cut out pie crusts on their own cookie sheet with a little cooking spray so they won;t stick and bake for about 15 minuets. Just until crisp. Now place them on top of the already cooked pie filling! 
2. The crust shrinks considerably once it's cooked so you want to cut it a little bigger than the mouth of the jar so that once it's baked it will fit in perfectly. I did not do this and you can see mine are a little too small for my jars. I think it would have  much more stream lined look if I had used the bigger size cookie cutter. 
Also I decided to put one piece of crust at the bottom and one on the top but I thin kone on the top would be sufficient.

I used {THIS}raspberry pie recipe for the filling and I always use {THIS}pie crust recipe. I use it so  much I have it memorized. It perfect and flaky every time! 

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Lindsay said...

Ok these remind me of little red riding hood :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Adorable! What cute gift ideas :)

Katie said...

I'm so impressed that you find the time to make these amazing and adorable treats each week with two little ones! These are so cute!

Kristin said...

i love this idea! :D thanks for hosting!

Living A Bona Fide Life said...

I love this! This would be so cute for a Memorial Day dessert! :) Thanks!

Kelsey said...

Mmm, those pies look delicious.... I've had to start a new pinterest board for super adorable food I want to make just because of you! :)

Maddalena said...


Mama Spaghetti said...

These are so adorable! I love all the creative things I find on your blog!

SnoWhite said...

Those pies look wonderful! What a fun way to serve them.

Melynda said...

These are adorable, and I have some jars to work with, thanks!


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