My Beautiful Ginger and I'm Guest Blogging

I am so honored to be guest blogging over on Dear Lillie today!!! I shared an amazing method and recipe for making traditional French Macarons!!!  I'm sure you have all know they are all the rage these days. You should definitley go check it out. 
Plus Jennifer's blog is AMAZING!! Her photography is outstanding, her home is gorgeous and her family is so beautiful! She just gave birth to her second baby girl and she's GORGEOUS! Go see!! Anyway, 
I'm so happy that I can her a blogger friend! I have just met so many wonderful people doing this little blog! 

Dear Lillie

Also, remember about a month ago I shared some photos of Ginger that I had taken when she was 8 weeks old and I was going to frame one of them? Well Jennifer at Dear Lillie being such the doll that she is helped me transform my favorite shot of Ginger. Look how gorgeous they came out. I ordered a few prints to frame.

Anyway................Please go say hi to Jennifer at Dear Lillie and check out the French macarons!!! It took me 3 or 4 tries to get them right and they are A LOT of work so I am very proud of them (and think of me today because it's my first 12 hour shift away from my babies......sigh.......deep breaths).



Lindsay said...

I blog stock Dear Lillie on a daily basis. Her blog is beyond gorgeous! LOVE the photos of Ginger! I am off to check out your post :)

m&msmommy said...

Beautiful pictures of Ginger! I'm off to read your post now :)

Have a great day! :)

stephanie said...

what gorgeous pics!!! love them.

PoetessWug said...

Those are some beatiful photos of Ginger. The first one and the last one, the black and white, are my favorites. But can you take a bad picture of Ginger? I think not! :-)

Noah's Crew said...

Awww Ginger is such a doll

Burke & Chelle said...


Those are so cute of your baby girl!
She is so gorgeous! :)


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