Style Icons

Style has always been big for me. It's fun. It's a hobby I guess. I don't have one specific style but I would describe myself as classic.
Mainly my closet consists of great staple pieces. I love black, grey, camel and always a splash of color like bright red.
I usually go for preppy with a twist, sometimes bohemian, sometimes a litttle rocker but usually I play it safe.
My icons
Jackie O
She's everything I strive to be. Always and I mean always perfectly put together, timeless, classic; she's radiant!!

She's simple in her elegance, quirky in her beauty and impecccable in her style ALWAYS.
Who are your style icons?

AND.....Drumroll please.........speaking of AMZING style. I have some REALLY good news for you.
Monday I am giving away $100 gift card to my new OSESSION EmersonMade. You ALL MUST come enter to win this giveaway. It is simply AMAZING! Here's a little sneek peek of me rocking some of my EmersonMade favorites.

I will also be sharing another great pumpkin recipe next week and then the big weight loss reveal is coming too!!! I've got some really great things going on. Thank you so much for sticking with me while I recovered from wrist surgery, got back to work and my family.
Hope everyone is having a fantabulous week.


Jodi said...

Such great style! I cant wait for monday! :)

Laura Jennings said...

Oooh, I'm so excited! Hopefully me, I never win anything!!!

melody-mae said...

Audrey and Jackie have such amazing style! My mom is from Jackie's era and was told at least once a week how much she looked like her! Both Audrey and Jackie had natural beauty and natural class...:)

Lindsay said...

LOVE Jackie O. YOU look gorgeous in that photo! My favorite outfit yet :)

PoetessWug said...

Your style profile sounds sorta like mine. I would have added the look of Calvin Klein and Armani to the list of designers whose style I like though...nice post!

Keenly Kristin said...

You look FABULOUS!! I will SO be here on Monday! :)

Kristin :)

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

These photos are awesome. LOVE Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn! I have a few Jackie O-ish dresses that I wanted to wear for an event I'm attending with my husband tonight... but it doesn't look like they'll be fitting me anytime soon. . . or maybe never again, due to pregnancy weight gain. I shed most of the weight, but I'm a lot curvier now... which I actually enjoy... but am still sad about because I don't fit into my pretty dresses anymore. It's very bittersweet. {teardrop} Anyway! lol.. You look great in that pic! Love the outfit!


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