Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing Interview with Casey Wiegand

I  started a little interview process called  "Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing." I'm doing this because I love to get to know the "real" people behind their blogs. I think so many of us are afraid to tell the truth whatever it may be. We want others to like us. We want others to read our blog. We don't want to scare anyone away.

Me included!!
You can read my interview anytime {HERE} 

For the first year I never really shared a lot of personal information because I didn't think people wanted to hear it.I posted my recipes and a few cute pics of the kids and that's it. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, people still want all the fabulous recipes and cute photos but they want to know me. I have gotten the biggest responses from my "on my heart" posts. People want to know you, what makes you you, the person you are. They want to know how you live your life. They don't want a bunch of  nonsense about how fancy your car is and perfect your life is. I think we all want to be able to relate to each other and NONE of us are perfect!!!

Today's Inview: Casey Wiegand

What's your greatest Weakness?
Fear of people (as in them being mean to me) or fear of loss.

What's your greatest strength?
Loving others.

What has emotionally crippled you in your lifetime?

What has elated you with joy in your lifetime?
My husband and babies.

How much have you evolved since your teenage years? Are you a similar person?
Oh I have changed SO MUCH. I have always had a tender spirit but my outlook on life is drastically different. Heartaches and hard times and molded me into a better person.

What's something you don't want to tell us about?
My insecurities.

When the world is crashing down on you, where do you go?
To my relationship with God. To my art- painting is a great healing tool for me.

Do you have any goals? What are they?
I do! I want to write books. I want to be in more galleries, create a new card line and a few other things up my sleeve!

Can you honestly say you love what you do?
I honestly love what I do! 

Who has been the single most influential person in your lifetime thus far?
My husband, Chris.

Honestly, we are all striving for something, what is your greatest goal in life? I'm not talking about money! My goal since having babies is to make their dreams come true. Their dreams have become mine!

What is your most defining moment as a person?
My most defining moment(s) I think have been when it was hardest to choose to live out what I have claimed to believe my whole life. Liek choosing to forgive when it was really hard, choosing love when it was really hard..... actually LIVING what I say :).

Are there people in your past that you wish you could make amends with?
Yes and no.

What memory will be forever burned in your mind to the point where you can smell the room and feel the energy?
The day I lost my baby, the weeks both our babies spent in the nicu and  the day a friend betrayed me.

What movie and or book speaks to you?
The book, A Beautiful Offering- by angela thomas....this book changed my life.

Thank you Casey!!!! You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I truly mean that! The moment I "met" you I knew there was something very special about you!!!! You deserve all the success and happiness in the world!! Thank you my friend for sharing with us today! 

Please visit Casey on her fabulous {BLOG}You will not be disappointed! That's a fact!!!! 

You May read the entire series of "Brutal Truth" Interviews {HERE}


kt said...

Absolutely lovely! & a beautiful blog your friend has too.

Wegan said...

Aw brilliant interview, love her blog too.

M x

Anon*RN said...

GREAT interview - I love honesty!! Beautiful person, beautiful blog!

The Cantelmo Family said...


Sundaro said...

Hanna I knew this idea of interviewing would be interesting and heart felt. Thank you Casey for sharing yours with us! ♥

Lindsay said...

LOVE this girl so much!


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