Guest Blogging All Over Town


I feel so blessed to have been asked to guest blog. I am always so humbled when people want to share me with their readers. This week I was lucky enough to have been featured all over town.

A huge thank you to all of you lovely friends!!!

I was featured on my friend Ashley's blog {SHINE} where I shared some gorgeous homemade red and green peppermint patties. Please stop by {SHINE} for the recipe. Ashley has the biggest heart, is gorgeous and her blog is down right adorable.

I was also featured over on Casey Weigand's {BLOG} where I shared my wonderful homemade chicken pot pie recipe. Please visit {CASEY} for the recipe. She is the most beautiful, loving person you'll ever meet.

I was also featured on my new friend Christy's blog {High Heels to Flip Flops} with a post about my weight loss journey! Please go say hi to Christy because she has a heart of gold and a gorgeous little family. You will LOVE her!!

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Sarah~Mechelle said...

Found you through your pie post on Casey's blog.

As a pie shop owner I just wanted to tell you how heart warming it is to see another pie lover making wholesome hand made pies for their family.


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Everything looks delicious...even the new you! Great job.

stephanie said...

woo hoo! proud of you friend! you're amazing.

Lindsay said...

Your rocking it girl :)


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