Crawfish Monica

As you all know my hubby is from New Orleans and we lived there together for a couple years so I am always cooking up something to remind of us of our time there. 
Jazz fest started this past weekend in New Orleans and was one of our favorite festivals. The food they serve at Jazz Fest is amazing. It's one of the things we would always look forward to. So one of the dished that I really love that they always serve is a dish called Crawfish Monica. So in honor of Jazz Fest this year I decided to make a batch myself. It turned out great. Little Milton even ate a huge bowl of it. I found the original recipe {HERE}

This is a very simple and elegant dish, and will impress your guests in a big way. It's also one of the most popular dishes served at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival; the line at the Crawfish Monica booth is one of longest on the Fairgrounds. If you don't have crawfish available in your area, it works well with shrimp, oysters or crabmeat. 

1 lb. crawfish tails, boiled and peeled; OR
1 lb. shrimp, peeled; OR
1 lb. lump crabmeat; OR
1 lb. oysters, drained and quartered.
1 stick butter (Do not use margarine.)
1 pint half-and-half or heavy cream
1 good-sized bunch green onions, chopped (tops, too) 
3 - 10 cloves garlic, chopped (to your taste, I used 7)
1-2 tbs Creole Seasoning (I used half a tablespoon of tony's and half a tablespoon old Bay)
1 lb. cooked fresh pasta (Rotelli is preferred, use your favorite shape.)
Cook pasta according to the directions on the package. Drain, then rinse under cool water. Drain again, thoroughly. Melt the butter in a large pot and sauté onions and garlic for 3 minutes. Add the seafood and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the half-and-half, then add several big pinches of Creole seasoning, tasting before the next pinch until you think it's right. Cook for 5 - 10 minutes over medium heat until the sauce thickens. Add the pasta and toss well. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so over very low heat, stirring often. Serve immediately.


Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was lovely. My husband usually plays in the church band for 4 hours on Sundays and then has various rehearsals and students so he took the entire day off to be home with me and the kids. It was very nice. 
He made brunch for my mom and I. We had grilled wild king salmon and asparagus. It was so delicious and perfect for my diet. 
He also surprised me with a gorgeous orchid (see below) and a pasta roller. I have been DYING to make my own pasta and now I can can. I'm going to start experimenting this week! 
I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day as well! 


Handmade Gift Guide

First of all let me say Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mamas out there!
Personally I feel like motherhood has been by far the greatest gift I have ever been given. It is such an honor to be able to help guide these beautiful little creatures as they grown into adults. Becoming a mother has been the most beautiful and important thing I've ever done.
Here is my weekly handmade giftguide and a few things I would love to have.
This wishbone necklace from Beau & Stella

This leg warmer set from B:Mod

This gorgeous bib from lillybelle Designs

This fascinator from Mrs. Darcy

These baby shoes from KathyDee's Cozy Toes

These earrings from DandL DandL

This headband from Caroline G.

This purse from beso handbags

This wrap from Evy's Tree

This necklace from Annali's Jewelry

These caramel and chocolate dipped cookies from Nicole's Homemade Treats

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tika Masala is one of my all time favorite chicken dishes. It is so rish and flavorful. I was intimidated to try and make it myslef. We always order this out from our local Indian restaurant. But I decided to give it a try and it actually turned out better!! My husband was so impressed. He couldn't believe it! I used {THIS RECIPE}. I used buttermilk to marinate the chicken because that's what I had on hand and I also didn't grill the chicken. I simply cooked it in a frying pan and then added it to the sauce. It was divine! In fact I've made it about 3 times since then. You'll love this. I promise!


SeamsMod Reversible Tote and Mini Clutch GIVEAWAY

Okay folks......................get excited because my friend Heather, owner of the amazing shop SeamsMod, she's sponsoring an A*M*A*Z*I*N*G giveaway today!!!!! 
She is giving one lucky reader the chance to win one of her reversible totes AAANNNNDDDD a matching mini clutch!!

Hello. Amazing.

And the good news doesn't stop there. She is also offering 20% off everything in her shop using the code "BOUFFEEBAMBINI" at checkout! 
Thank You Heather!!
I have 2 diaoer clutches that I ADORE!!!! and 2 sets of burp cloths for Ginger that are ALMOST too gorgeous to use!

Here is just one of the options you will be able to choose from. Sooooo gorgeous, right?
Amy Butler....of course!

Head on over to SeamsMod and start shopping now plus enjoy 20% off your entire order using the code "BOUFFEEBAMBINI" at checkout. 

THE PRIZE:  Winner's choice of any reserved listing Reversible tote and mini clutch in the shop at the end of the giveaway!
  Please visit SeamsMod and tell me which item is your favorite
1. Become a fan of SeamsMod on {FACEBOOK} (she's always posting discount codes and giveaways too) 
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Giveaway ends Friday May 20th @ midnight


Baking Rosemary Bread in pots

You all know I am obsessed with anything miniature right? Well I recently had several ideas for cooking in  miniature clay pots so I went to our local Spanish market and bought 6 miniature cazuela pots. These are great because they are made for heat conduction and cooking but you can just as easliy use minature clay pots for planting too. If you want to purchase some like mine, you can find them {HERE}
Anyway, I thought baking individual breads in these little pots would be so adoable.
Perfect for a dinner party!!! Can you imagine serving each guest their very own bread? I just love that idea! The recipe I used for this Rosemary bread can be found {HERE}

Dish towels can be found {HERE}


My Beautiful Ginger and I'm Guest Blogging

I am so honored to be guest blogging over on Dear Lillie today!!! I shared an amazing method and recipe for making traditional French Macarons!!!  I'm sure you have all know they are all the rage these days. You should definitley go check it out. 
Plus Jennifer's blog is AMAZING!! Her photography is outstanding, her home is gorgeous and her family is so beautiful! She just gave birth to her second baby girl and she's GORGEOUS! Go see!! Anyway, 
I'm so happy that I can her a blogger friend! I have just met so many wonderful people doing this little blog! 

Dear Lillie

Also, remember about a month ago I shared some photos of Ginger that I had taken when she was 8 weeks old and I was going to frame one of them? Well Jennifer at Dear Lillie being such the doll that she is helped me transform my favorite shot of Ginger. Look how gorgeous they came out. I ordered a few prints to frame.

Anyway................Please go say hi to Jennifer at Dear Lillie and check out the French macarons!!! It took me 3 or 4 tries to get them right and they are A LOT of work so I am very proud of them (and think of me today because it's my first 12 hour shift away from my babies......sigh.......deep breaths).


The Handmade Hog Mother's Day Edition

Please join me and link up ANYTHING handmade or homemade. I would love to see recipes, DIY projects, party planning, and craft projects of all kinds!!!
And if you didn't make anything this week, no worries, link up an old favorite!!!
There are no rules! Feel free to grab the Handmade Hog button and place it in your post or on your sidebar but it is absolutely NOT required!! EVERYONE is welcome to participate!!! This is just supposed to be a fun way to share your ideas and pick up some new ones !! 
So, please join me! LINK UP!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store!!!

Mother's Day Herb Garden Tutorial:

I never know what to get my mom for Mother's Day and this year I wanted to make something that little Milton could take part in because he loves his grandma so much. So I started brainstorming and came up with the idea of an herb garden. I have been saving all the glass spice jars and aluminum cans just in case I decided to get crafty so this was the perfect project for it.
Oh and this entire project cost under $10. AWESOME!

#1. First remove the labels and clean the cans. Next get a nail and a hammer and bang holes in the bottom of the cans for drainage.

#2. Take a nail and hammer and punch out a design, like a heart. in the side of the can. I suggest sticking to simple shapes. We tried a "G" for grandma but it didn't come out as good.

#3.  Now paint the cans with whatever paint you have lying around in the garage (saves money). Be sure to paint about half way down on the INSIDE of the can too so if you don't fill it all the way to the top with dirt it will still look nice.

#4. Now take a needle with a large hole for threading and stitch your heart or design with some wide thread or twine. I am in love with the bakers twine from {THE TWINERY}. That's what I used here and use it for everything!!!

#5. Now take your glue gun and apply some hot glue to a toothpick and rub over holes on the inside of the can where your heart or design are. You want to seal these holes so water will not come out of them when you water the plant. The water will only come out the bottom. This way your little creation will last.

#6. Pot plants and decorate as desired



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