Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing Interview with Christina Gomez

I have started a little interview process called  "Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing."
I'm doing this because I love to get to know the "real" people behind their blogs. I think so many of us are afraid to tell the truth whatever it may be. We want others to like us. We want others to read our blog. We don't want to scare anyone away.

Me included!! 

You can read my itnterview anytime {HERE}
For the first year I never really shared a lot of personal information because I didn't think people wanted to hear it.I posted my recipes and a few cute pics of the kids and that's it. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, people still want all the fabulous recipes and cute photos but they want to know me. I have gotten the biggest responses from my "on my heart" posts. People want to know you, what makes you you, the person you are. They want to know how you live your life. They don't want a bunch of  nonsense about how fancy your car is and perfect your life is. I think we all want to be able to relate to each other and NONE of us are perfect!!!
Today's Interview: Christina Gomez

What's your greatest Weakness?
Oh my, I could really go on for pages about my weaknesses, but I guess that would CLEARLY make my greatest weakness most lack of confidence. For YEARS I literally would walk around with my head down, not making eye contact with anyone. I'm not sure if that's what years of being made fun in school can do to a persons soul, but it's just what I did. Looking back, it probably seemed so strange to people who saw me, but that's how insecure I was(am). I've just recently started making eye contact with people, and getting more confident in myself. I still have a LONG way to go though!

What's your greatest strength?
My ability to love and be there for someone is by far my greatest strength! Not to sound conceited but I do have a heart of gold! :) I just love people...even if I don't know you and I hear your story, I pray for you, you hold a special place in my heart and I genuinely care about you. There are a handful of bloggers who I've never met, probably never will and yet they (along with their families) mean SO much to me. And I show that same love and care for my family and friends...they can ALWAYS count on me!
What has elated you with joy in your lifetime?
Of course my children, but that is obvious. Three things that will bring a smile to my face no matter what (other than my children) is thinking about the complete 180 degree turn my husband has made in his life. He went from a drug addicted, felon to THE MOST amazing father, husband and most importantly man of God you will ever meet. He's not perfect, but he is the definition of change if I've EVER seen one. The other two "things" that make me SO happy are my nephew and niece, Vivienne and Spencer. After my sister lost her triplet sons (in May 2008) I was SO worried that she and her husband would never be able to have children and their faces would never smile again, but thankfully God had different plans and has since blessed them with Spencer and Vivienne. NO ONE or nothing will ever replace my nephews, Mateo, Ian and Anthony but those sweet rainbow babies (Spencer and Vivienne) sure brought immense happiness back to my sister which brings me true joy!
What has emotionally crippled you in your lifetime?
Again, my lack of confidence is definitely one thing. To some people it might sound like an attention ploy but if you TRULY battle with self confidence issues you understand where I am coming worry, analyze, over analyze and worry some more about EVERYTHING! I've always been a worrier, from as young as I can remember (checking doors over and over again to make sure they were locked, scared the house was going to burn down while I was sleeping, etc.) I come across so happy and I am, but I definitely am my own worst enemy. As well as my inability to trust...that stems from my dad. If you grow up being told, "Going to get pizza. I'll be back in a few minutes." only for him to not be seen for days, you become a bit jaded to people, the things they tell you, and what their ulterior motives might be (even if they have nothing but good intentions!)
Have much have you evolved since your teenage years? Are you a similar person?
I am a completely different person than I was as a teenager/early 20's. I literally spent the majority of my late teens and early 20's living a lifestyle that should have killed me! People that know me now, that didn't know me before, have the hardest time believing that I did the things I did. But it's true! For the most part, I don't even remember that person (the "old me" anymore). The only similar thing about me and my teenage self is the confidence issues.

What's something you don't want to tell us about?
Being my early 20's I would binge and purge...A LOT! I had a friend and she and I would do it together (not together, as in the same room, but she knew I did it, I knew she did it, and we both made the other feel like it was okay).  I never got professional help for it (so the bulimia diagnosis is a self diagnosis, but I'd venture to say that I was bulimic), and then I met Manny, somehow he found out about it (I don't recall the details) but I believe he overheard me one day and he said he couldn't be with someone who did that (looking back that sounds super insensitive and pretty brutal of him, but just remember we were in our early 20's, freshly dating, so I can understand where he was coming from). I swore I would stop and I did. But I'm not going to lie, the "temptation" resurfaces more often than one might think...even two children and a whole lot of happiness later!

When the world is crashing down on you, where do you go?
Usually I find a quiet spot, cry and pray! I cry about anything (happy or sad) but these kind of cries are the "ugly cries" (as I believe Oprah referred to it as :)) where you get hysterical, can't breath and just look like a total mess. I plead/pray to God and than usually feel better! Or I cry to Manny (my husband). He gets the brunt of most of the "meltdowns" I have! ;)
Do you have any goals? What are they?
Of course I want to be a great wife and mother who raises my children to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, finish school, graduate from college and do something with their lives but OTHER THAN THAT ;) I'd love to go back to school to finish my college credits and get my AA in Mental Health &Human Services to than further my education and become a Child Advocate and/or Social Worker. I dropped out of college a handful of credits shy of getting my AA.

Can you honestly say you love what you do?
As far as my professional career goes? No, not at all! :( I love the people I work, I don't mind my job (it pays the bills) BUT my dream job is what I talked about be a Child Advocate and/or Social Worker. I want nothing more than to have a job where you actually make a difference in someones life! Being a Loan Funder at a mortgage company isn't exactly life changing! ;) But again, it pays the bills and in this economy I am SO thankful to have a job!

Who has been the single most influential person in your lifetime thus far?
I'd have to say my mom! Although we don't always see eye-to-eye, she has ALWAYS been there for me. Loved me when I most un-lovable and did an amazing job raising my sister and I by herself...always putting us first and herself last to give us what she could. She instilled in us that you don't rely on ANYONE to support you. You have to be self-sufficient. She has taught me so many life lessons. Even at 56 years old she is teaching me lessons about achieving your dreams as she's at the beginning stages of opening her own Italian cookie business! :)
Honestly, we are all striving for something, what is your greatest goal in life? I'm not talking about money!
I'd have to say my greatest goal is to raise my children right. I know that term "right" can be very subjective, but it is a crazy, crazy world we live in and I pray with all my heart and soul that Manny and I raise Manuel and Mia (and any other future children) to be followers of God, to always do the right thing, and being "cool" doesn't always mean following the crowd. If anything, the exact opposite is true, but that's SO hard to remember when you're going through your teenage years. Raising children is a tough, tough job, and I just pray we do it correctly. I know the road that Manny and I both went down (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and I just NEVER want to see my children experience any of it! It's not worth the heartache and pain!

Name your most defining moment in life so far!!!
The day I found out I was pregnant with Manuel is by far the most defining moment in my life...had that never happened I am almost certain that I wouldn't be here today. My life of drinking, drugs and just a horrible lifestyle all stopped the SECOND I found out I was pregnant with Manuel! (obviously unexpectedly). I always say Manuel saved my life, and I mean that!

Are there people in your past that you wish you could make amends with?
Honestly, no. I'm not one to hold grudges and tend to be pretty forgiving, so if you aren't in my life now, there's a reason for it, and I'm okay with it! :)

What memory will be forever burned in your mind to the point where you can smell the room and feel the energy?
It would have to be Christmas Day 2006. It was Manuel's 1st Christmas. My dad, who I had just recently made amends with (he was a drug addict and alcoholic) was hospitalized with MRSA, Hep C and goodness knows what else, so being his daughter, I certainly couldn't let Christmas go by without going to see him...Manny and Manuel waited in the car, it was cold and dreary outside, I walked in his hospital room and it smelled of "hospital smells" (I'll spare you all the details). He was disoriented, not really even 100% sure who I was at moments, and more details that I'll spare to give him his dignity. It was my sons first Christmas and part of my time was spent doing this. I had guilt from that but I knew Manuel didn't know what was going on. I was so heartbroken (not really for myself) but for my dad who was spending his first Christmas (the first one in a long time where he wasn't incarcerated or living on the streets) in a hospital room, alone, not all there and just sad. It breaks my heart just thinking about it and I remember it all like it was yesterday. My dad died unexpectedly on May 15, 2009 and I will also never forget the feelings/thoughts/smells/sounds of the moment I received the phone call, but I will also never forget the immense relief I felt knowing that he was FINALLY Home, safe, drug free, disease free, and HAPPY!

What movie and or book speaks to you?
Sadly, I'm not much of a movie watcher or book reader, BUT my favorite movie of all time is "Life As A House"'s a tear jerker, but if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT! :)

What is your greatest wish right here and now?
Honestly, if I could have one thing this very second, it would be to own a home, of my very own, where my children didn't have to share a bedroom and Manuel could have his backyard, front yard, and basement (that's all his little "almost" 6 year old heart asks for :)) That probably sounds pretty materialistic but it would truly be just amazing to be able to settled into "our home"! I'm not a big and extravagant kind of girl, so nothing super fancy, just a cute little house to raise my family! :)

THANK YOU CHRISTINA for being brutally honest and really digging deep to share your truth with us. I have never met Christina in real life but we have been blogger friends since the very beginning of my blogging adventure. She has become a dear friend to me.
Whenever I am down, sad, lost, broken or need someone to talk to she is there with words of comfort and encouragement. I treasure our friendship. Christina is the real deal; a real person; a real mom; a real friend. Please go show her some love and check out her adorable blog

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Lorrie said...

Hanna, thanks for introducing your readers like me to these beautiful, real people. No one's life is perfect, but you have shown us people who are enjoying the life they have. I have struggled like some of these people to figure out who I am and who I want the world to see through my blog. These Brutal Truth interviews have helped me on that journey and inspired me to be the best me I can be. Thanks!

m&msmommy said...

Thank you SO much Hanna for featuring me! I am truly honored! You are such a blessing to me and I am happy to have met you! :)

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

She is such a sweet sweet lady with a great family :)

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

She is such a sweet sweet lady with a great family :)

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...
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Lindsay said...

I love this girl so much! She has a heart of gold xoxo

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Christina, I loved this! I also struggled with confidence, still do at times. My blog is mostly silly kids stories, but I'm working on my brutal honesty. :)

And your family photos were beautiful.

Laura and Sarah said...

We LOVE your blog! Just found it through a link from Wegan, and we are becoming members now :) The brutal truths are SUCH a good idea!! Can't wait for the next one!
Laura & Sarah xoxo


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