Meet Gerry Along with his Beautiful Food and Family. A Guest Post.

I am honored to be featuring and introducing you all to Gerry Speirs of {Foodness Gracious}today.
I stumbled across Gerry's blog and was immediately captivated by his gorgeous photos and delicious recipes. It seemed every recipe was just my style so I asked him to share a little bit about himself and a recipe with us today! Thank you Gerry!

Hello, My name is Gerry and I am honored and excited to be guest posting here at Boufee e Bambini today. I originally grew up in Scotland but moved to the United States twelve years ago. My reason for moving was to shorten the very long distance relationship between myself and my (now) wife, Maura, were having at that time. We met in a bar in Dublin, Ireland and the rest is history. We are blessed with two amazing children. Miranda, age six and Quinn, age two. After Quinn was born Maura and I made a decision for me to stay at home and look after him. Yes it can be very hard work but I really am the luckiest guy in the world, to be able to be with the kids everyday and watch them blossom.

I have a passion for food and wouldn't hesitate to try any variety. I love spicy dishes and cook everyday. I don't think food has to be difficult, as long as the ingredients are fresh, flavorful and minimal anyone can create a meal which can wow your family or friends. My best advice would be to just go for it and don't focus on what could go wrong or think about a plan B, your first plan will probably work out just fine. I kept the minimal theme going with the recipe I would like to share with you today. Its a spring green salad with apples, goat cheese, candied pecans and crispy prosciutto. I dressed it in a very light white wine vinaigrette and you could also use peaches or pears in place of the apples. The flavors were really great and the sweetness form the pecans and apples were a great contrast to the salty prosciutto and goat cheese.


I'm not really a person who bothers with New years resolutions but I do have some changes and goals for myself in 2012. I would like to eat healthier and lighter, this may be my most challenging as I do like my food! A few circumstances in 2011 made me realize just how short life can be so I would love to be there for others who are more in need of help than myself. I would like to finalise the plans to sell my homemade caramels. Many hours of research and taste testing has went into this project and it's almost ready to go so watch this space! I think that's enough resolutions, If I can be successful with three I'll be amazed.

Here is the recipe for the salad:
2 large handfuls of salad greens, 1/2 an apple sliced very thinly, 1/4 cup of candied pecans, 2 Tbsp of crispy prosciutto, goat cheese to crumble, salt and pepper.
4 Tbsp of white wine vinegar, 4 Tbsp olive oil, splash of fresh lemon juice, pepper.
Mix the dressing until well incorporated, add the salad ingredients to a bowl and drizzle a very light amount of dressing on top, toss and serve at once.

It's been a pleasure guest posting today, thank you Hanna for having me at Boufee e Bambini.

Come and check out some foodie fun at
Again, Thank you Gerry.
Do yourself a favor and go visit Gerry at {Foodness Gracious}. I assure you, you will not be disappointed!
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adventuresindinner said...

Gorgeous photos! Man, I can really take some tips from Gerry and you, Hanna.

Lorrie said...

That salad looks delish! Thanks Hanna and Gerry for sharing!

Laura and Sarah said...

Aww what a beautiful family you have Gerry!! And it's so romantic that you met by chance somewhere that neither of you lived!

The recipe looks amazing and we will definitely try it as it gets warmer! We have a recipe bit on our blog too, but I tend to cook more warm & homey foods!

Love, Laura & Sarah xo

Tricia said...

So happy to get to know more about you Gerry! What a lovely family you have. I also want to make 2012 a year of lighter fare for the most part. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Tina (PinayInTexas) said...

The salad looks really good! Awesome guest post! Nice to know more about Gerry!

Susan said...

I will definitely pay him a visit!
Great guest post.

Maureen said...

salad and pie - what more could a person want in a delicious meal?

Great post!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Thanks everyone and thank you Hanna for being so welcoming!
Take care...

Yasmeen said...

Another lovely recipe, Gerry - love the vibrant colors for (our) summer. And nice to meet you, Hanna!


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