There is a H*U*G*E part of my life that I have been needing to let you all in on!!!! In the middle of this  tornado I call my  life, there is a beautiful, calming place that I have been  retreating to...........
About 3 months ago I started to dabble with a couple miles here and there. Because I had been power walking about 5 miles a day for a year, I was in pretty good shape to start out so I could run 2 miles straight away.
One of my life long goals has always been to run a marathon and I'm sure I've told you that before but I think it is becoming a reality.
I am now running 25-30 miles a week and 10 miles on my long runs!!! YES!!!!!
I AM BEAMING with Pride and excitement!!!

At first it was painful to run, my lungs hurt and all I could think about was quitting, now I feel like I am on cloud nine and would run 100 miles if I could!!!!!

When I run I feel:





Like a Warrior,

Like I can do anything I set my mind to

When I look out across the fields and see huge snow capped mountains and nothing but freedom in front of me my insides light up, I get goose bumps, I feel like I could conquer the world.


As you all know my life has taken a bit of a rough turn lately. You can read about it {HERE}

But when I run I leave all my problems at the doorstep!!!!!

Honestly, I don't know exactly what happens to me but I work it all out in my head and by the time I get back, I feel like a new woman!!!!!

Right now being in such a fragile state of emotional being, running makes me feel strong and accomplished. It gives me hope. It brightens my day.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Over the next few weeks or after my first 1/2 marathon I will give you specific tips on how to run without hurting yourself, what to eat, and how to train but I feel like I should at least get through my first big race first.

Up until now I have only run one 5 K.

Sunday March 4th I will be running the Rock n' Roll  half Marathon in New Orleans!!!!

I am EXPLODING inside with excitement!!!! My husband and I hardly ever get to go back. We have family members who have never met our children and tons of wonderful friends who we haven't seen in years so it's the PREFECT place for me to run my first big race. 

I have only love in my heart!!

I have also discovered that once a runner.....always a runner. There is something about the feeling you get once you hit your stride that is like ecstasy and nothing else can compare to that runners high.
It is amazing!!!! I am so grateful to have had the will power to have lost all that weight so I can now enjoy this wonderful lifestyle of a runner because honestly it is saving my life right now!!! For those of you who are new here, I lost 110 pounds last year. You can read about that journey {HERE}

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adventuresindinner said...

You can do it!

Lorrie said...

I am so proud of you! I am thinking about trying to start running/jogging. I want to you it as a way to get in better shape and to drop a few pounds. I hope I can do it! Just know that you are inspiring me to stick with it.

Lacie said...

I have become a runner over the last few years and love it. It is one of the best ways for me to lose weight after each of me children. It is my time. Good luck on your half marathon.

Melissa said...

Good luck on your half marathon!
Have a great time in New Orleans!

The Arizona Russums said...

yay for running. i do not consider myself a "natural" runner {meaning it hurts if i even take a week off} but i've been at it for about nine years now. you really never go back! i am so proud of you and so excited to hear about the half marathon! p.s. i think we have the same shoes!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

You're a rockstar! congrats on your weekly progress and good luck on your 1/2 marathon!!!!!! so exciting!

Lindsay said...

I wish I had your ambition! You rock girl!

stephanie said...

so proud of you hanna! 10 miles? for realz??? you are amazing. ok so tell me what to do about shin splints? i want to run so bad but i get shin splints SO bad! i played sports all through high school and i got them then too. i hope it's something i can get over! but i can't wait to hear all about your half marathon!!!

Daisy said...

Good luck with your half marathon!
I'm at those beginning stages now were everything hurts and don't really feel like running, but after reading this I feel very motivated to continue.

Sarah said...

So awesome!!! I discovered running late last year. I've now run 2 5K's, a 4.5 mile, and 5 mile AND we did a half-marathon and ran 9 out of 13.1 - this year, I'm gonna run the whole thing! Running is amazing in what it's done for my life! Congrats!!!

The Lee Family Happenings said...

Way to go! It's amazing that you lost 110 pounds... that is an amazing accomplishment! I also have a semi love affair with running... once you start, you're hooked. New follower!

Christy said...

You pretty much rock. :)

Charlotte said...

You should feel so very proud of yourself... from your amazing weight loss to your weekly progress and plans to participate in a half marathon, your smile in these photos says it all... you DO rock!

Susan said...

You continue to inspire.
I tried running. For like 5 minutes. It is so, so hard.
You look amazing. Wow.

Cassidy said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog as well!! That is such an awesome goal to run a half marathon.Congrats on your huge weight loss as well! That is incredible! I am actually a certified trainer and huge into fitness and nutrition and every Monday I am working on putting a new workout that I have created for people do at home. you may be interested. Also I am starting a link up next Thursday "nutritious and Delicious" where you share any healthy recipe you have made. I would LOVE it if you would join!


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