Inspirational Interview with Skinny Runner

I am so honored to be introducing you all to Skinny Runner today!!!!! I stumbled across her {blog} and was immediately inspired by her story. 

She qualified for Boston the very first marathon she ever ran.......WOW. What an inspiration. I think her story is amazing and I wanted to share it with you so I asked her do a little interview here on bouffe e bambini. Thank you so much Skinny Runner!!!! 

1. What was the first race you ever ran, why, and how did it end up?
My first race was the Nike Womens Half Marathon in San Francisco in October of 2008.  My friend had asked me to run it with her, I didn't want to but being a middle child people pleaser, I said sure.  I ended up loving the race atmosphere and going long.  And it didn't hurt that chocolate was handed out on the course!

2. What happened to you in that first race that made you want to do it again and again and again?
Nothing specific happened, I mean, I ran the slowest half marathon I've ever run (2:15), but I think I was attracted to the idea of seeing how much faster I could run and how much better I could do.

3. On average how any miles a week do you run? And you say you don't do specific speed work or interval training so how do you manage to improve your time to such amazing speeds?
I'd guess I run about 60-65 miles a week, but I don't really keep track per week.  I have never followed a specifc training plan (and don't plan to), but I believe the key to getting faster is simply running faster in your training.  Do that however you want: hit the track, run Yasso 800s, do mile repeats, run hill sprints, whatever.  Just run faster so your body gets used to performing at that level.

4. Have you qualified for Boston? Have you run the Boston marathon yet?
Yes, I qualified for Boston at my first marathon and 10 of the 12 I ran in 2010.  And yep, I ran Boston last year and am running it again this year.  My husband came with me last year and this time, my parents are traveling with me to Beantown.

5. What do you do to cross train?
Lately I've been going to barre classes (Xtend barre) and have been loving those because you sweat like a cardio workout, but it's also strength and core training too. 
And I go to the gym and spin on the bike or elliptical for a bit.  I just like to sweat!
6. Have you ever considered going professional or is this just recreational for you? 
Ha!  I'm not fast enough to be do anything professional except professionally suck :)  But even if I had the opportunity, I don't know if I'd take it.  I love not having a training plan, I love no one telling me what to do or run, and I enjoy just farting around in a lot of my runs.

7. Does your husband run also or are you flying solo on this one?
Nope, he doesn't run at all.  He makes a sexy cheerleader at some of my bigger races, but he's not into the whole running thing and in general, thinks most runners (me included) are insane.

8. Do you watch what you eat or eat anything  your little heart desires?
If I ate everything I wanted, I would be on that "My 600-lb Life" show on TLC.  I definitely watch what I eat, but I don't count calories or follow any specific plan.  I simply try to make the healthiest choice possible and treat myself to what I really want.  I can pass on cookies, but a glass of champagne?  Yes, please!

9. What was your favorite race of all time and why?
That's a hard one; I love the New York City Marathon, I loved running the Eugene Marathon with my little brother, and of course, PR marathons are always fun.  So I guess I don't really have an all time favorite.  But if I could only run 1 marathon for the rest of my life, it'd be New York.

10. Do you ever plan to stop running races at the pace your going?
For the past 2 years I've ran 12 marathon each year and I'm sure that I won't always keep up that pace.  Life changes, motivation changes, and I don't think I'll always value racing as I do now.  I hope that I run as long as I'm physically possible, but running has never been my life.  It's a part of it but it doesn't define me.

11. What do you do in your spare time dare I ask if you have any left at all after all this running and racing?
I love to travel so that's pretty much where all my money goes.  And I love being with my family so if I can combine running, traveling and family together, it's a perfect vacation.

12. I also know you have a clothing line. What inspired that and Where can our readers purchase your merchandise?
I had made a shirt to race in and received so many questions about it that I created a few more shirts for others.  They're all technical fabrics (running shirts) and this post (  is where you can get them.  Just email me at and I can send you an invoice.  Shipping's free too.
This is the one I just bought.........I think I'll run my marathon in it!!!! How adorable is this?

 Thank you so much Skinny Runner for sharing your story with us today! Honestly, you area n inspiration I am so glad to have found you and your {blog}.  You can read Skinny Runner's whole running story {here}

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Jamie said...

I bought the same shirt from Skinny runner! Love it and love her!

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

Love that shirt! I have always thought about doing the SF Nike Women's half. The chocolate at the end is enticing :)

skinnyrunner said...

thank you for having me on your blog!

Mary said...

I am so glad to meet Skinny Runner. Thanks for the introduction. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Susan said...

She's beautiful! And wow, I envy her dedication. Amazing.

Mindee and Austin said...

I LOVE skinny runners blog! She has ran races with one of my old friends/roomates, she kicks major running butt! And so do you hanna, you are amazing! I really need to email you and chat about things, im having a hard time getting motivated, ugh. Any tips? Thanks girl!

Wegan said...

Oh my gosh WOW she's amazing! Wish I could be like that!! Love the t-shirts!

M x


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