New Orleans Part Two: Post Race Pig Out

Me two hours after my Half heels of course......wouldn't have it any other way........It was the perfect Sunday for a pink seer sucker dress and a pair of heels.

The Post Race Pig Out!!!!! 

My husband's Muffelatta (Various meats, cheese, and topped with green olive salad on a GIANT seasame bun) 

My all time favorite......A soft shell crab Po Boy dressed. Nothing makes me happier. 

Now, for any of you folk who do not life in New Orleans or have never had the pleasure to enjoy a snowball I feel very sorry for you.

A snowball is a cup full of shaved ice and topped with flavored syrup. No it's NOTHING life a snow cone. I mean they cannot even be in the same category whatsoever. 

So.....of course my favorite snowball of all time  happens to be chocolate, stuffed with vanilla soft serve ice cream and topped with condensed milk. 


I ate mine and little Milton's. I kid you not! 

Milton and Ginger getting their first taste of heaven.

Me scarfing down that snowball like nobody's business....hey I earned it!!! 

New Orleans has a very, very special place in my heart and I have yet more posts and photos to share with you. 
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Melissa Jo said...

softshelll crab po boy from nola is one of my all time favorite meals in my life, so good! love real authentic cajun food, especially a good spicy/smoky boudin!

Adina said...

the soft shell crab po boy looks amazing!!

Amy and the City said...

All that food looks amazing!
You totally deserved it!
Amy xo

Beth Ann said...


stephanie said...

love your dress! And Ginger looks so sweet with you. Have I ever told you how much i love her name!? Well i dooooo! xo

PoetessWug said...

Yum!! The Po Boy seems like the good reason for me to put New Orleans on my 'Virtual' date night list!!! ^_^

SueAnn said...

OMG!! You have made me hungry!!
Everything looks so yummy. No, I have never had that ice cream snow cone variation. Looks to die for.
Looking good hun

toi said...

yummy :). i love your outfit ;)

Lisa @ MMT said...

Heels after running a half marathon? You are super woman :) I've never bee to New Orleans before, but this is making me want to go so bad! I need to get my hands on a snowball ;)

Susan said...

That sounds so good! I've never visited New Orleans. Definitely on my must-do list! said...

Wow that all looks so good, including you in the dress!

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Where did you get that snowball at? We are going to New Orleans in April and I HAVE to try one :)

curiouscovetous said...

mmmm muffalettas are my FAVE!! john has never had one so i've been trying to find a place that has one in seattle. do you have a recipe for one?? p..s. you look AMAZING!!!!!!


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