A few Tips for Keeping the Pounds Off

We all struggle to find ways to make keeping the pounds off fairly easy.  And as I have learned with my recent weight loss journey it really is all about moderation. 

I honestly kinda hate to admit that. I used to think I had to stick to some horribly restrictive plan to really loose any weight but it's simply not true and only makes your goals unattainable.
If you truly want to be successful, YOU NEED MODERATION.

Eating a few sweet treats now and then is just as important as sticking to your "healthy" diet is. If you don't splurge now and then, you will end up "cheating" and binging worse.

So here are a few things that help me stay on track

Eat lots of big, fresh, healthy things like salad for lunch!! So easy to make. This took me 3 minuets to make and was delicious! It's full of vitamins, fiber, and flavor! YUM!!!

When I am working I try to prepare healthy meals to eat before I go in. I like to try to stick to higher protein and lower carb so baked chicken, asparagus and a little brown rice with soy sauce is PREFECT!!!!!! 

It's also really important to indulge often. This is family cheeseburger night. I like to plan cheeseburger night and pizza night after my long runs. 
I know on these days I can afford a few extra calories and you know what? We all deserve to have a treat!!! 

My favorite thing to refuel after a workout is FRUIT!!! 

Oh glorious fruit, how I love thee!!! I eat a big bunch of grapes, an apple and a glass of water immediately after my workouts. 

I also always try to eat some fruit first if I am craving sugar. Sometimes it satisfies me and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't then I go ahead and eat a skinny cow Ice cream sandwich or a few bits of chocolate but it's great to try some fruit first and see if that's all you needed to curb that sweet tooth.

ohhh......I also like cut up strawberries with dannon light and fit yogurt!! GREAT healthy snack! 

Try to work out consistently. Obviously I am a runner and right now I try to run 5 days a week but just try to be consistent with whatever your work out is weather it be walking, running or heading to the gym.

I don't have a gym membership so I just run outside and then I do push ups and crunches 4 days a week for a little strength training.

Me.......looking half asleep as I hit the pavement for another beloved run. 

Try to get as much exercise as you can. I try to find any excuse to get outside. I walk with my kids even on days I already ran or worked out. It's fun, it gets the kids out of the house and for me burns some extra calories for free! Whoo hoo....can't beat that!!! 

I pop the kids in the double stroller and off we go to the park. I try to do this as many days a week as I can. It's also great to just take them to the mall walking!!!! 

Just a few tips that I find helpful in my weight loss journey!! Hope you find them helpful too!!! 

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Lyndsay Wells said...

These are great tips! And this was perfectly timed as I plan to re-motivate myself after Easter. I still have more to go but I managed to maintain a 25 pound weight loss for the year by running. I just have to get back into healthier foods. Thanks :-)

curiouscovetous said...

great tips Han, thanks!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Yes yes yes to moderation! I love what you said too about treating yourself.. very good to remember. I'm still trying to get back to my goal weight after having my son last year and I haven't been nearly as focused as I want to be. Here's to eating healthier and exercising more! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Hi Hanna!

I would love to be a part of your new series! That sounds fantastic! You can contact me at ta.wolfe@hotmail.com whenever you would like to go ahead with it. I did try emailing you but for whatever reason hotmail wouldn't deliver it.. i'm feeling a bit like a technology buffoon today, haha.. Anyway, I'm excited and really appreciate you thinking of me! (oh, and thanks for reminding me that I need to get my contact info linked to my blog, I'll do that asap :)


Lindsay said...

I could eat a salad like that every single day. MY FAVORITE :)

Nikskie said...

that salad looks so yum! and this is a great tips :)

Char said...

Great, great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I agree, moderation. And, small meals! Go you!

REBrown said...

Great tips!

Katie said...

Perfect as always! I always try to get a little walking in, in the form of going to park too... even if I've already worked out. It all adds up! Your salad looks really good :)

Christy said...

Looking' good! I like how you love the sport of running, but always look so cute doing it. Happy Easter!


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