Finding Balance as a Working Mother

Ohhhhhhh........The never ending quest to find balance. It has always been my hardest challenge. 

I go to work and come home from the end of my night demolished and then the second I walk in this house my poor babies see me and I see the sadness in their eyes...........wondering where has mommy been? They scream and yell for me saying I need my mommy! 

The guilt and heartache is unbearable sometimes!! 
My marathon training has been keeping my sane but otherwise I have been quiet overwhelmed; working way too much and not spending nearly enough time with my family. 

I keep trying to think of a solution but there doesn't seem to be one for now. So I am trusting that God has a bigger plan for me. That some day soon I will be able to spend more time with my precious babies.

I hear so many stay at home moms complain about such trivial things. 

I don't want a pedicure. I don't want a girls night out. I don't want to go on vacation. I just want more time with my babies. 

Last weekend I cut my hair. I made my hubby cut the back straight across and then I layered it A LOT.......Don't worry I went to beauty school.

So what do you think?

I love it. It feel so much lighter and more stylish. I can grow it out long again when I bored of this but it's been a great change.

Look at these beautiful angels.........My heart aches when I am away from them. 

I love them with everything I have.

I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband to care for them. So grateful for that.

We can't live with out our double BOB stroller. We love it.

Me any my girl

Nothing beats a family day......I will gladly give up sleep any day to spend time with my family!!!! 

Love to all of you!!!! 
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Barry and Rena said...

wow you are really inspiring...i really have to appreciate every single second i have with my daughter!!! keep your head up. and your hair looks fabulous :)

Char said...

Love, love, love the hair! Beautiful!

curiouscovetous said...

i'm sorry you're struggling right now, but you never know what's right around the corner! you look amazing and i want to eat those little munchkins!!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your hair Hanna! It looks so pretty and healthy! Hang in there momma, this too will pass. You will understand it all soon enough! LOVE YOU!

Elisabeth said...

1. love the haircut.
2. i love your perspective on family. I am excited for you for the day when you will be able to be with them all day :)

Kymmie said...

I'm a work at home mum, and I STILL want more time with my kids. I hear you loud and clear!

Love the hair, and love that you strive for balance, just like the rest of us. xx

SueAnn said...

I think your hair looks terrific. Well done!
I cut my hair too but I never went to Beauty School. I just sculpt every time. Ha~!

brunette&blondie said...

1. It is crazy how much Ginger looks like her daddy!!!! Adorable.
2. I so hear you. This is the reason I finally resigned after 20+ yrs in the corporate world. I just couldn't leave another baby. :( I feel blessed to have been able to.
You look beautiful with the new 'do! And I know you will find your balance friend.

Melissa Bo said...

Love your hair! It looks so pretty!

Great photos! Your children are so precious.

Prayers are being sent that you will find the balance that you are looking for. =)

Cheyla Marie said...

I love your hair, it looks great!
Your kids are adorable :)

S T E P H A N I E L E A N N said...

Love the pictures of you with your babies! You have a cute family :)

Katie said...

You look gorgeous! Your babies are so lucky to have a mom like you! You work hard and love them more than anything... imagine how proud they will be someday when they understand :) And they can say that their mom ran a marathon... how cool is that?!

Tracy said...

awwww my heart would ache too! you look beautiful btw!

mienkintoshfairie said...

Love the hair, I bet you will get ready faster in the morning now. I hope that you will be able to stay home with your family one day soon! I have heard some of those complaints from stay at homers who don't want to even be with their kids because they are home with them all of the time. You are truly awesome sauce!

Steph, from Be Positive Mom said...

Love the hair, super cute!! I hear ya about balance... it's good to read how you cherish the time you are with your babies and hubby so you don't miss a minute of that precious time. Sometimes, it can just take a tweak or two to the schedule to squeeze in more time for family. Your marathon training is probably reducing the stress, too! Good luck with the marathon :-)

Rachel said...

Hair looks fabulous! Love it! And your little bambinos are SO ADORABLE!

{Adventuresindinner} said...

You look fantastic (always, always). I think (with my whopping two years of experience as a parent) that whatever you do you are going to feel guilty and think you aren't doing enough. That's what makes you a good parent, constantly questioning and trying to do that much better each day.

Wegan said...

Aw sweetie Im sorry its been a hard week and I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to balance everything. At the end of the day they are growing up with a mother who loves them beyond anything and that's what counts.

Hair looks ah-ma-zing!! Anything you can't do?? lol

M x

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

I loooooove your hair. And just said a prayer that you get to spend more time with your babes. xo

Emily Baker said...

does your hubby stay home with the kids?

Cassidy said...

Your hair looks great! I remember feeling that same way when I worked while my husband was in school. My babies would cry everyday when I would leave and it would just break my heart even though I knew they would be ok. I wanted to be the one to take care of them all day. I just made sure to spend good quality time with them when I was home. It was crazy when when I finally did quit I really missed working outside of the home for various reasons. Its kinda funny how we always want what we don't have and it gets tricky to find that balance and happiness being a mom. Good luck and hope you find your balance.

Katherine Krieg said...

you have a totally gorgeous family! looks like youre quite well at the whole balance thing but i know it can be super tough!


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