Red Lipstick makes everything Better

I"M HAPPY!!!!! 

After an amazing 20 mile run yesterday........I just feel happy, content. 

Over the past couple months I have been truly enjoying my children and my husband!!1 

I have little butterflies in my tummy. I feel like a Little school girl! 

What Happened? 
Nothing specific......Just being grateful one day at a time and realizing how incredibly blessed i am. 

IN my humble opinion  A little red lipstick makes everything better. It jazzes up any outfit ans just makes you feel sexy and sassy!!!! 


I feel great about myself. I feel confident. Accomplished. Strong. Gleeful!!! Life has been treating my well lately and I am so grateful!!!

MArathon is 3 weeks away and I am PUMPED. I'm ready to tak on this incredible life long challnge. I can't wai to come out on the other side a changed woman!!!! 

Look as cute as possible while running like a beast! I need many more running skirts! 
Remain injury free for as long as possible.
Qualify for Boston!....I'm working on it!
Run as many races this year as I can afford...working on it! 
Continue to feel GREAT About myself!!! Working on it!!! 

Sending so much love and  light to you all!!! I Hope your spring time days are filled with love and laughter! 
Get outside. Feel the cool spring breeze on your face and be grateful this gorgeous life God has given you!!! 


Dress: J crew
Shoes: Cork Ease
Clutch: Kate Slade Made How gorgeous is this? In my opinion every woman needs one. I want one in every color!!! 

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Amber said...

This makes me happy! I'm so glad that you're happy. I love reading your journey. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

you LOOK amazing sweetie!!!

Lindsay said...

Those trees in bloom make me drool. SO PRETTY! Not to mention YOU :)

jenette or more commonly known as "j" said...

Love the little red number! :) Snazzy! Red lipstick is a sure win! :)

Jane Craske said...

So very glad to see you happy, you deserve every moment of it.

Char said...

You look amazing! Such light and confidence, along with that red lipstick...gorgeous!!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Rock the red, girl.
I think the last time I donned red lips was prom. Haha! I think wearing red is all about finding JUST the right shade. If not....not good.
I think you got it "good". Lol.

Sheila Lynn said...

The energy coming from you is unreal! I enjoy reading all your positive and motivating thoughts. Keep 'em coming!! Please : )
Today is the first day of getting back into a healthier routine of eating better & working out + running .. I'm off to run a 5km (nothing compared to your run yesterday) but a girl's gotta start somewhere! : )
Sheila xo

Sheila Lynn said...

Ps. Love the red lipstick!!

Brittney - The Luycx's said...

You're so cute! :)

REBrown said...

I'm jealous it's warm enough to wear a fun dress there - it's freezing here today!

Clara Turbay said...

lovely ideas and style.

Kymmie said...

I LOVE red lipstick. It's a fact that people notice you more when you're wearing it. And it definitely makes you feel more sexay!!!

Just like you! Looking gorgeous. Love that little dress!


Jamie Campbell said...

love your confidence! :) and i agree, red lipstick makes everything better! great job on your 20 miler.. i'm heading out later to attempt my first run since calf pain.. wish me luck!

Susan said...

A little red lipstick makes everything better!
Va va voom girl! xo

Cassidy said...

Super cute look on you! You wear that red lipstick with great confidence! Love that.

Laura@Splendor said...

You are beautiful. You are inspring. You are my running hero. Love ya friend!


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