A Small Reminder in a Big World

A small reminder that will change your life if you can accomplish it. 
Thank You {jessica} for this! 

I am fighting with all my might to stay positive that shin will heal in 7 days and I will be able to complete my full marathon that I have trained so hard for and poured all my heart and soul into. 

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Amber said...

I know everything will work out. I've got all the faith that you won't be disappointed come race day. I'm praying for ya! :)

Katie said...

Good luck Hanna! You'll do awesome! Don't be afraid to get yourself a few days of rest!

Elisabeth said...

oh good luck! i'll be praying for you too :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

Brooklyn Blooms said...

Hi there ~ I just found your blog today via a magazine article about you. I normally don't write on blogs so quickly,but when I read a little of your story I just HAD to write you with marathon-encouragement.

I started running seriously three years ago when I was dealing with a crazy health issue (plus balancing stressful job with caring for my family). Since then, I've run TEN 1/2 marathons and one full one. Even though I got up to running a 1:47 for my half, I didn't know if I could complete that daunting 26.2. but I decided that even if I had to run/walk, I would do it! However, (this is the important part!) I didn't run the first one I had planned. Just as the date was approaching, I realized I didn't feel quite ready. Enter: amazing coincidence of a marathon happening just two months later right where I live (Brooklyn, NYC). So, I took the extra time to train well and ran like the wind through the whole thing. (Yay!).

Maybe I would have been just fine for the earlier one, but this really felt like the right decision for me, so I am sending you the good energy to make the right choice for you, your shin, and your resilient spirit!

Lindsay said...

Praying for you girl :)


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