What to Wear.....After You Run

Wondering what to wear after a good, long, hard run?

How about some hand knit leg warmers and the perfect little zippy from {BLUE PLATYPUS}

I L*O*V*E this eggplant zippy. It's PERFECT for layering, so comfy and so cute! 
Perfect for lazing around in after a long run or running errands with the kiddoes. 

It's the perfect weight......not too warm.......not too cool. JUST RIGHT! 

ahhhhhh................love the way I feel after a nice long run!!!!!! 

It's also the PERFECT travel companion.   I wore this gorgeous eggplant zippy to New Orleans for my half marathon and it was perfect for the plane!! 

Long Sleeve Zippy: BLUE PLATYPUS
Hand knit Leg Warmers: Delirium Kredens
Leggings: EmersonMade
Extra Long Tank: Forever 21

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Heather said...

Can I just say how much I love that you call it at zippy?! Awesome! That's the word I use as well and my husband thinks it's silly and teases me for it all the time (in a cute way). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one using that term!

Looks great on you!

Kenzie R. said...

Such a cute outfit! Definitely looks very comfortable. I especially love those leg warmers :)

Susan said...

It is kind of hilarious that you call it a zippy! You're too cute.
The color is great on you.

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

ooooh I love that after-running outfit! Perfect!

Amber said...

very cute and I love the color plus it looks way comfy.

Christy said...

Cute! I usually end up in a hoodie. Sometimes Ben's hoodie. Not very glamorous like yourself.

Lindsay said...

You are adorable! I LOVE those leg warmers! SO CUTE!

Cat J B said...

You just look so awesome gile! Love the legwarmers, the layered look, the whole thing, and your hair really is beautiful, I'm still loving those layers you did. And must say I'm rather impressed you do your own photos too. And work full time. And have 2 gorgeous kiddies. And a cool hubby. AND you run! (Do you ever sleep? :))

Katie said...

I love that outfit! Seriously, those leg warmers are amazing. I'm jealous :)

jenette or more commonly known as "j" said...

Love the colour! And the leggings! Looks like it was a great day with great weather! GĂ©nial :)

Liz said...

loving your hair - it looks so straight and shiny! beautiful! And nothing beats a hoodie and some leg warmers to cozy up in after a good workout.


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