Ask Me Something!

Good Morning Friends!!!!! 

I had so much fun with my last little Vlogging session I thought I'd do another one f you have any questions left for me!!!!

So if any of you would like to know ANYTHING at all about me, my life, my training schedule, my eating habits............WHATEVER..............I
d be happy to answer in VLOG (video blog) form!  Simply leave your questions here in the comments and I'll get to them late this week when I'm not at work!!!

And FYI I am a very sore looser so if no one asks me anything I'll get my feelings hurt so someone ask me something for crying out loud!!! 


Love you guys!!!!!!!!! 

Today, it's a 3 miles walk, then off to the gym for an hour of cardio and 5 million crunches. I can barely stand up from those crunches on that yoga ball! 

Hurts so good!!!! 

I'm coming for you Boston!!!! 

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Lindsay said...

You make me smile. Can you be ANY cuter?

tiarenie said...

What is your all time favorite food? Sweet or salty? And did you always enjoy cooking? Im hoping I learn to like it when I have children! I would love if youd post a recipe with 5 ingredients or less for (non) cooks like me! :)

Kristin said...

I DO have a question for you. TOday was the biggest 10-miler in the country, the Blue Cross Broad Street 10-mile race. I immediately wondered, "Why haven't I heard Hanna talking about this race?" I know Boston is the be-all, end-all...but Philly is great, too!

Maybe next year? I think something like 30,000-40,000 people participated. If you did it next year, I could cheer you on!! :)


Laura@Splendor said...

you really are so cute. I admire your confidence.

Ok so question: What running shoes do you recommend for a beginner runner who will run her first half in november?

Also what kind of clothes- shorts/tanks/sports bras have you found that you like to run in?

Heather said...

I want to know the answers to Laura's questions too! Particularly about sports bras. I have such a hard time finding bras that provide enough support without being SUPER tight and cutting into my sides and shoulders.

I'm also preparing for my first half marathon. I have great shoes but do you have any general advice for first-time half runners?

How did you choose the name Ginger for daughter? Does it have any special meaning to you?

SuzyQpon said...

I have 2 questions - how did you lose all that weight while baking/cooking the delicious recipes you've posted in the past? Also, most importantly, how did you start your exercise routine? I am about the size you werer when you started but when I try to jog or speed walk, I get foot, leg, knee, shin pain. Just wondering about your process - it's amazing to me that you are a serious runner now after being 200+ pounds!!!!


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