Ask Me Vlog #4......I THINK

You Asked! I did my best to answer!!!! 

My favorite VLOG to date!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention I ordered the Brooks Cadence running shoes in bright aqua because the man at the store convinced me I needed 2 pairs to alternate. I know he's right but yikes. We cannot afford. I'll let you know how they go 

Oh and sorry that the video did get cut off right there at the end and I just wanted to make sure you all know how much I love and appreciate you. 

Thank you for all your support!!!! 

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tiarenie said...

Thanks for answering! By the way, my name is Tia! Hehe. Renie (REE-nee) is just my middle name that I use in my username! :)

Lucy´s said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your vlogs Hanna!!! :-) They are absolutely my favourite! Lucy from the Czech Republic :-)

Christy said...

I haven't heard of Title9 before. Awesome. Thanks for the tip!

lol I love your shpill on the flimsy/pathetic insoles that come with shoes.

Great advice on the shoes! People just don't understand until they actually get injured. I have been trying to convince my family to get fitted for shoes!! My brother is dealing with some foot injury now, and I hate being like, 'told you so...bum...'

Hang in there with life stuff. You have a great support system in your family and friends! You also mentioned you're maybe switching jobs?? You should move the family to PHOENIX and run with yours truly. :)

Gawsh I write novel length comments all the time. Just because I'm so

Mendi said...

I had to laugh! My hubby and I plan all of our vacations around food too!!

Char said...

You are absolutely adorable & I so look forward to your VLOGS :) You are so down to earth and REAL!


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