Compression Socks Review: My Personal Faves

I discovered compression socks about 3 months into running. At first I was skeptical but since I am a nurse and work long hours on my feet anyway, I thought for sure I'll give them a try. 

Well, I have worn them on every single run since the first day I got my first pair. I have since developed a slight obsession and have many different brands so I thougth I would share a little guide with you yo help you decide which ones were right for you. 

You don't want to go around buying a  million different brands because they are expensive! 

So here is my impression. I'll go from my favorite to my least favorite.

#1. CEP Compression Socks are my all time favorite.
The compression: STRONG
The Foot bed: Very Padded
The Overall Thickness: fairly thick
Fit: Fit snug and are measurable to your exact size.
NOTE : these are my favorites. Overall they just fit the best and get the job done. I can always count on these. I typically wear these race day or long run day.

#2 SwiftWick Compression Socks are my second favorite. 
The Compression: Medium
The Foot bed: lightly padded
The Overall Thickness: thin, these socks are cool
Fit: PERFECT for shorter ladies. I'm 5"5" and these fit perfectly.  I absolutely LOVE the length and feel of these. Very comfortable! 

NOTE: these are not quiet as snug but because they are a little shorter, they are super comfortable and super light. They are very cool for summer months. I wan to wear these all day and all night. love them

#2 SLS3 Compression Socks these socks definitely go head to head with CEP!!! GREAT QUALITY SOCK!
The compression: Very tight
The foot bed: very slightly padded if at all
The over all thickness: fairly thick
The  fit: very snug, true compression socks here.
NOTE:  I use these for my super long runs! This is a high quality product that does it's  job well. However I don't always want such high compression.

#3 Pro Compression Socks are a good sock but not my favorite.
The Compression: medium
The foot bed: not padded
The overall Thickness: fairly thick
Fit: I would recommend these for taller women. They are a bit to high for me.They go right into the crease of my knee. 
NOTE: they fit well, just a little long. I have the size small. I may have done much better with the XS??? Mediocre sock. I like them. I wear them but their not my favorite.

#4 Running Skirts Compression Socks are my least favorite. 
I bought a pair of these at the Rn'R expo because they were on sale but not worth the money. 
The Compression: weak
The foot bed: mildy cushioned
The Overall Thickness: fairly thin
Fit: they fit fine, 
NOTE: they are just not very tight and seem cheaply made. The first week I had them they already developed a little hole. Honestly I just wear these to work and not to run.

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Heather said...

Thanks Hanna! How long of a run would you say warrants the use of compression socks? 8 miles? What do you feel are the benefits, reduced soreness? Do you wear them during the run and/or after (if after, for how long)? Thanks for all this great info!

Christy said...

Love all your gear!! I have three brands, but I only wear CEP really. They are my favorite by far, too.

PS. I ran a couple of shorter runs this past week, and BOTH my shins are screaming. I'm pretty frustrated, but I think it's time for new shoes. Hopefully that helps. Hope your shin is recovering nicely!!

Heather said...

I still have so many questions! I have never heard of compression socks before you started mentioning them on your blog. What's the point; why wear them at all? What are the health benefits? Are there any reasons NOT to wear them? Do I need them? Do they help prevent injury? Plus all the other questions already left on comments.

So far my longest run is only 5 mi but I started half marathon training this week so I've been trying to figure out what gear I'll need once I reach the longer runs.

Thanks for the product reviews, it will certainly come in handy when I go to buy some for myself!

Jane Craske said...

Don't forget that they look darn cute too!

Glad to see the Canadian props through Lululemon C:

Lindsay said...

I love this entire outfit. You are adorable!

Tatiana said...

You look so cute! I should invest in some of those next time I get prego. Since there is little chance of me becoming a professional runner. Haha

Char said...

So glad you did a post on this! You read my mind. I've been wondering so much about compression socks and almost splurged and bought some, BUT glad to know your thoughts on all the diff brands. Thanks!!

LolitaRose said...

Okay, I know pretty much nothing about running or what compression socks even do, but that is pretty much the cutest "exercising" outfit ever. That skirt is awesome.
& I found this today, and had to share with you (cuz it made me think of you!):

Katie said...

Thank you so much for this post! I was actually just going to email you and ask what kind of compression socks you use!

Britney @ twenty-somethingwife said...

This may seem silly but what is the purpose of these socks? I just started running and am finding discomfort in my knees and shins! I just got custom running shoes and they are already making a huge difference!! Anyway thanks for sharing love!


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