Let's Get Fit

I just wanted to share a little fitness inspiration with you today!!! 

I did my very first spin class Monday morning. I even called ahead of time to see who the most difficult teacher was and yup I went to his class.


I have finally found something that I can even compare to running. 

I was so sick of going to the gym and trying to pound the heck out of the elliptical or the stationary bike only to be frustrated because I couldn't even get a real workout! It's hard when your used to running 40 miles a week to find anything that can compare to it!  

I sweated HARD........I Needed a towel,  I sweated so hard.......MY heart rate was sky high and I realized this is a GREAT cross training exercise for me. It will help with my speed work immensely.  I would love to see how fast I can run after a few months of speed spinning!!!! YES!

So any of you runners who are temporarily sidelined I HIGHLY recommend spinning. 

It whoops your booty!!!!! The next day I could barely sit down! 


800 calories in an hour. Hello Endorphins!!! Thank you very much, that is more like what I am used to!!!! 

So as I embark on my journey, my mission to become a stronger, more competent athlete I leave you with a few motivation pics. All found on Pinterest! 

Honestly friends I Have never, I mean never felt so great in all my life. Being in better shape at 33 years old than when I was 18 is AMAZING. Not to mention I look better too!!! My hubby reminds me all the time:)

If you have weight to loose and goals to achieve, you can do it. 

Let's do it together!!! email me if you want to chat about it anytime!!!! I am HAPPY to help if I can! 

Sending love and light to all of you for accomplishing your goals!!!

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Jane Craske said...

Great workout but take it from me-get the heavily padded biking shorts and the gell seat. Parts of you that you don't numb will be numb otherwise.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for th encouraging photos! love them!

Lindsay said...

SO much encouragement always comes from you! LOVE YOU!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Yes, spin classes saved me when I had injuries this training cycle!!! Love them! Sometimes I would do two in a day to try and equal time I would have spent on a long run. It seemed like a crazy runner moment. I'm so glad you loved it!

Susan said...

My gf is addicted to spinning! You must be in amazing shape. I heard it's tough.

REBrown said...

I've heard spinning is ridiculously hard, but ridiculously fun.

Heather said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment for anyone out there with questions for Hanna:

ASK THEM! I'm telling you, this woman is so kind and considerate and AMAZING! I couldn't believe the time she took to THOROUGHLY reply to my silly questions and concerns. She's the nicest blogger out there; I've never had a complete stranger be so nice to me! It's not about followers and readers to her, she actually cares about people--even strangers :)


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