New Gear

Oh Be Still My Heart.

NOTHING can get me going like some new gear!!!

So here's just a few items that I've acquired over the past few months and a few my wonderful, supportive mother gifted me as early Bday gifts so I can stay fit while not running. 


Her and my husband both know what will happen to me if I don't get my endorphins. NOT PRETTY!

So here we go. 
Now I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever so not get into AMAZING shape!! I forgot to show my yoga and medicine balls too!!!!

#1 New Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's. These are  made for mild to moderate over pronators like me! Aren't the purple soles the coolest?

#2 SOLE orthotic insoles for people with a moderate to high arch and all around great added support. You put them in the oven for 2 minuets and then put them on and they mold to your  feet. COOL! I have used these for 4 years with no problems.

#3 Nathan Hydration Belt which is totally necessary for long runs outside. This seems to be the most popular between the marathoners and I love it because the bottles shape to your body.

#4 Little Tiny waist pouch good for holding chap stick, toilett paper, and gels. Thi sis great if you don't want o lug the hydration belt. Sorry don't know the brand.

#5 Triathlon gear bathing suit!!! I got mine at REI. I figure If I'm going to be out of running for a few weeks and kinda want do a tri anyway I might as well start now. 

#6 Disco swimming cap!!! YES. I could have gone with grey or white but what fun is that? Also bought at REI.

#7 Swimming goggles! 

#8 Nike visor. SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT for when it's hot and the sun is blazing down on your face.I like visors opposed to hats because it allows the heat to be released from the top of your head.

#9. Ahhhh............BIG BLING GOLD sparkle non-slip head band from my beloved BIC BANDS. The owner is a kick a$$ runner herself and well what can I say her company rocks. BUY A HEADBAND!!! 

#10 very light weight sport glasses with an amber lens so even if it's kinda dark you can still w ear them to keep wind and dirt out of your eyes. Don't kill me but I don't know the brand. They were about $40.

#11 OH MY BELOVED GARMIN. Here I even found you one on sale!!!! I cannot live without it. My baby!! 

#12 Tinsey tiny iPod my wonderful hubby gave me. I love it! I hardly ever run without music unless I am forced! 

Next up I'm going to do a review on compression socks because I  kinda get a lot of questions about them and I have about 4 different brands now!! COMING SOON!!! 

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Kristen Alexis said...

I just ran my first half marathon this morning and woah---was it hard! I've been reading your story for awhile and I know this injury is a set back but your going to go out and kick butt in all your future races!! I love all your gear. I might have to go get myself a water belt, for my next race.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow..look at all that gear!! Love the little garmin...super!!

Amber said...

looks like you scored some great loot :)

Heather said...

My sweet sweet husband bought me a Garmin on Saturday and I am so excited. Can't wait to read your post on compression socks, as a pretty new runner I'm not sure when I should start wearing them, just on long runs and after or what? Also I would love to read a post on refueling. I'm starting to run longer distances and was wondering what length runs you feel you need to refuel during the run. By the way, I think there are two of us named "Heather" that have been inspired to start running because of you!!

Christy said...

I'm up for some new kicks (I'm pushing 400 miles on my Aisc GT 2170s). I have my eye on the Brooks Adrenalines, but also the Mizuno Waves Inspire 8s. I might go get re-analyzed before the purchase, but you seem to really like your Mizunos?

I will be right there on the sidelines cheering you on in a tri. I don't think I could EVER SWIM. lol I have zero doubts in your ability though.

I do want to just thump out marathons as often as the shin will allow. I'm planning on Vegas for sure! Worst case scenario the half, but it depends on how the shins are end of the summer. I also want to do Phoenix in January. Salt Lake in April again. LOL my shin hurts thinking about it.


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