Real Friends? What Friends?

Ever since I had kids all my real life friends have kinda disappeared. 

It's totally not their fault!!!!!!!!
I guess it's not mine either, we just have very different life styles, live in different places and all have VERY busy schedules.

I also for financial reasons we cannot afford to have a cell phones and I have decided to discontinue my personal facebook account so that doesn't leave many lines of communication open.

(my bridal long friends here) 

(My Bridal Shower)

Their at the tapas bar at 8pm for dinner and drinks  and I'm doing bath, book and bedtime routines and cleaning up splattered food and rotten milk.

It's just life, but it makes me sad sometimes!!! 

(My Bachelorette Party!!!!) 

My wedding day (my bestest of friends)

I remember night after night for years on end in my early twenties when I would just sit with my bestie or my girfriends and just gossip and chat about stupid silly things for hours and hours on end.  

I miss it, I miss them!!! 

(my nursing school friends)

I feel alone alot . I guess that's probably why I have this blog because I don't have any real friends left so I guess I can have all you lovely cyber friends who I don't really know but I am so grateful for you because you keep me going on a daily basis. 

(A dear, dear later in life friend who I treasure)

Ridiculous Bridal shower games with my maid of honor and best friend!

I wouldn't give up my "settled" life with husband and kids for anything but I sure do miss the life long friendships that have seemingly been put on pause. 

(my besties)

I'm hoping it's just a phase. Maybe in a few years when my kids are in school, I'll be able to to do a few more things.

(my NYC nursing friends)


If any of you real life friends are reading this.......I MISS YOU!!!!!!

(life long friends here. this was taken 18 years ago)

Anyone else have this problem????

First one to be married and have kids? 

Side note, anybody think I should dye my hair back to blonde??? Or keep it natural. I Had it blonde my whole life until I had babies?

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE this post. I have the same thoughts sometimes. The beauty though, is that you can always pick up where you left off :) Have a great weekend girl!

Char said...

I do have this problem as of late also. We moved away from all of our friends and family and now only have each other (my hubs and I) and now our little one, aside from work friends who we don't hang out with. I understand where you're coming from. That's why I still have a FB and blog, to hopefully keep in touch with them and share pictures.

Sophie @TheForgeStyle said...

i have been thinking about writing a very similar post but am afraid of what those friends might think. i feel the same way all the time... it started when i moved from germany to the US and my friends just slowly stopped staying in tough. i also feel like it's super hard to make real good new friends later in life. it's not really different with my friends who have kids just like me, i guess it may even be harder to see them once in a while because they have kids. when they bail out on your kids 1st birthday party at the last minute though, it's hard not to take it personally or get your feelings hurt.

Christy said...

You're so pretty! LOVE LOVE your wedding picture!!!

I'm in the opposite boat. All my friends married at 20ish and have kids, but Ben is 33 and I'm 27 and we are chuggin' along without kids. So I can relate... in an opposite way?

Alia said...

I'm still here. You know I had to run away but it was never from you or any of our old friends. I had to run from my issues. So glad to be back in your life. Love that photo we were at prairie's house on the couch in that tiny living room!

Tiffany said...

Your pictures are great! Life is hard that way, but I have found the best of friends can go for a long time without "connection" and still connect. Hope you have the chance to spend time with your loved friends soon!

Elisabeth said...

so this same thing happens to a lot of newlyweds here in college but it seems to be by choice and continual obsession with spouse (not a bad thing) Because most of them don't have kids. So far we've made a continual effort to keep friends from our single life but i can only imagine how hard it will be when we move away and have kids. if i remember basically my friends parents became my moms friends - that and ladies from church. but i guess thats what happens :)

loved all the pictures of you and friends!

Joanna said...

Totally! I was the first one to be married and still am the first one with my friends just don't understand what my life entails and therefore I have been put on pause too. And yes, that's partly why I have my blog too ;)

Hannah said...

I MISS YOU TOO!! Would be soooo great if we lived closer, but this is a season and it too shall pass. We are planning trips for when the kids are older and all of them involve visiting places out of state where our close friends live. So, don't despair, it won't be forever. I too feel alone a lot of the time as when you put your kids first, it limits your own social life, ESPECIALLY when they are under the age of five. But what I've found to be a great help is to get involved in my local church and they have literally become like a 2nd family to me! They love on us and are always there to listen and be an encouragement. It has definitely made a difference for me and lessened the feeling of being alone on a deserted island! Lol....I've also made a big effort to know my neighbors better and that has also resulted in a stronger feeling of community. Anyway, wish we lived closer...I wish that every day, but I am thankful for your blog and FB so that I am able to at least see pics of everyone and keep up with y'all's life! And I love the vlogs too, least that way I still hear your voice. We need to skype or FaceTime soon, ESP after the baby gets here so that y'all can see him. Well, gotta run, but know I love you greatly and you are on my mind quite a lot!


Kristin said...

I feel you, Hanna...I made some seriously bad choices in my life when I was in my late teens, so after graduation, I lost touch with ALL my friends. Then I moved away (to a place where I knew NO ONE) and got married...had kids soon after...and so on.

I also don't work due to disability so that avenue of developing friendships is not open to me. And, being sick nearly every day for the last 6 months or so has kept me largely in the house. I don't really have any friends.

Well, I have you and a few other blogging buddies, but you know...

Love you, as always. I think you're the best. XOXO

Susan said...

It is so hard to make time for everyone isn't it? You wish you could split yourself in 3 parts sometimes.

I make time for girl time. I have to. It's for my own sanity. And though it doesn't happen often...when it does? It is f.u.n. overload.

I say go blonde. Love it!!


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