Best Quote EVER!!!

I cannot explain to you how much I L*O*V*E this!!!!! 


Also, I am thinking of doing another VLOG (video blog) SO PLEASE ASK AWAY IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. 


You KNOW ME...........I LIKE TO SHARE!!!!!!

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Joanna said...

I agree about working you ass off 100%!! But I also say there's a lot of genetics involved too. Gwen (and myself, I admit) won the genetic lottery in that we're naturally slim and therefore it's an easier battle. Some people, like my sister for example, run marathons and still can't shake certain unwantables. I'm just saying that some people got dealt a much harder hand to play in that respect.

But yes, hard work is where it's at!

Daisy said...

Great quote, refreshing to hear!
I would love to see a vlog of you!! You done this before? I will have to go and look for it. It's always so nice to see people "live".
Have a great week Hanna :)

Susan Liberatore said...

I've seen that quote before and I agree!
I love Gwyneth Paltrow. The end.

Amy said...

Love this quote!! Thanks for sharing :)

Lindsay said...

AWW how I love this!

Jamie Campbell said...

love this quote!

Char said...

Whoops, now I found your post about the VLOG questions, sorry! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and agree with this quote!! Lots of hard work pays off :)

REBrown said...

Very true - I need to get up right now and get to it!


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