Don't Hate Me Because I have Beautiful Shoes

Juneathon Day 11.................sick of me yet?

Today for the first time in the history of my job I got to leave 2 whopping  hours early. SO I only worked a 10 hour shift instead of a 12. Hey I'm VERY grateful!!!! 

Anyhow I logged 2.25 miles at work hustling around!

Then the cutest {SHOES} on the face of the planet showed up and I hit the gym.

SO these shoes are in between a full cushion shoe and a minimalist shoe. I have never tried minimalist shoes so I figured I would give these a try. So far they are like heaven. SOFT, SOFT cushiony sole but we;ll see how long they last. These are for people who over pronate! 

Oh by the way let me give you a quick update on my leg. I went for a bone scan last week and my leg indeed has a stress fracture. I don;t yet know how bad it is or what I will do to speedily heal it. I have an appointment with the doc on Thursday. 

Here's the scan.

You can see the broken spot where it's all lit up! BUMMER DUDE!!!!! I have so many races to train for and I'm already going crazy!!!! 

Anyway, I went to the gym and did 60 min on the elliptical (SO BORING) burned 500 calories
10 non modified push ups
40 modified push ups
100 crunches 
and I plan to double those later tonight!!! 

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curiouscovetous said...

oh my gosh, your POOR LEG!! yikes!! i hope that heals up lickety split. maybe try some arnica as part of your healing plan! and yes, the eliptical is SO boring!! the only way i get though it is that john and i do it side by side make silly/sexy faces at each other the whole time! lol. awesome work, babe.

Lindsay said...

I need those shoes. Maybe those will get me to work out : )

SueAnn Lommler said...

Hey! I got some hot pink shoes too! So far mine are real average but will work until I find the perfect pair...sigh!!
Looking good girl! Sorry about that break...yuck! That sucks

Susan said...

Oh no! That sucks Hanna.
I can't believe you are still managing to work out so hard.

Christy said...

Those are super cute. My fav color in the world. Hopefully they help nurse the shin to 150%. :)


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