Juneathon Day 10


#1 Walked with the kids 2 miles

#2 Headed out to the gym for 60 min. on the elliptical, burned 500 calories !

Also I tried my first Tab of nuun. CURIOUS?

They are these groovy little disolvable tablets that you put into your water ands they supply with you mush needed electrolytes while your sweating away WITHOUT any sugar or other garbage. 

I must say I LOVED nuun. Will be a permanent fan, especially for 10+ mile runs. A MUST!!!!!!!

#3 Swam 30 laps, 1600 meters or 1 mile. I wanted to swim 2 miles but this creepy hairy guy tried to get into the same lane as me and I told him he could have it, I was out of there! 

Hi there........aren't I cute and sexy as a bald man?

 wrap up:

2 mile walk
60 min elliptical
1600 meter swim
10 non modified pushups
40 modified 

I promise I'm making you a video of my routine! 

NOT BAD FOR  A CHICK WITH A BROKEN LEG!!! More on that later. But yes it is in fact broken!!!! I'm tired of crying about it so I''ll spare you!


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Yo Momma Runs said...

OK, so I see you are on it with the cross training! Go, go, go! Have you already done triathlons? If not, I feel that coming up in your future. Especially because you look cool in a swim cap.:)

Christy said...

What??? Oh no! I'm so sorry!! I'm curious to know more about the situation. You have been resting for awhile, so that's has done you much good, right? You can't possibly be out too much longer?? Please fill us on!! Love ya girl!!

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

You're doing so great!!! Happy to see your smile :)

Nuun sounds great! I absolutely hate goo and all that other sugary stuff!

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Looks like you are doing awesome during Juneathon! I definitely wish that I had some of your ambition to start up running and getting in shape. You are doing such a fantastic job!!

Oh no! What happen to your leg?! Oh gosh, I hope it heals soon!!

Char said...

Nuun ROCKS!!!! I've been hooked! Great workout, I love that you mixed it up!! Awww, poor leg!!!!


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