Juneathon Day 15

JUNEATHON Day 15.......officially half way over!!!!! 

Things are really looks up in my world. 

I hit the rowing machine again for 20 minuets! Still not sure if I'm crazy about it but it;s okay! 

Since I managed to get 3 blisters my first day I whipped out my brother's martial arts leather gloves. Don't I look like a bad a$$? LOL! 

And this weird iso-exercise machine has tuned out to be my lifesaver. In fact if you so it on a high level it kicks your booty. I burned 500 calories in 30 minuets. NO KIDDING!!!! I( had to cut it short because it;s my hubby's birthday today but next time I am doing an hour. IF I can find an machine that will let me burn 1000 calories in one hour, I'm all over it!!! 

So for the next month this is where i will be living!!!! 

Oh by the way I tried to so a pull up on that machine that helps you take a little weight off. I took 25 pounds off and could BARLEY and and I mean BARLEY so one! SO when I took off 40 pounds i did much better but it;s a goal!!!!! 

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Heather said...

Rowing is great! I used to row in high school and I fell in love! Too bad I hurt my shoulder and had to stop. Blisters are inevitable. Even after years, I still got blisters. The rowing machine is actually called an ergometer (often shortened to erg) but not many people know that. If you ever get the chance to go out in a boat, take it! It's an amazing feeling to be out on the water. So peaceful and relaxing even though you're working your butt off and sweating like a pig. If you do it right, it's a crazy all-body work out. Legs, arms, back, and abs! So awesome!!

Sorry for the mini-rowing-rant. I get so excited any time I get a chance to share my love for the sport. Give it a chance! Try closing your eyes (and pretending you're on the water) and focusing on your breathing, it's super calming.

Good luck!


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