Juneathon Day 16


And gee don't I look pleased? HA

My plan............burn at least 1000 calories and try for those darn pull ups again. I NEED to go to crossfit, Those people will fix me. I just know it!

So Today I came prepared.................a big bottle of Nuun, my new favorite hydration drink and a copy of runner's world where I found a GREAT quote!! 

"I've never seen an ugly runner. Running changes you. It makes you beautiful." 

Just arriving!!!!

I burned 1050 calories in 60 minuets!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You wanna see what hard work look like?????

Here you go!!!! It might not be pretty but I work my booty off and I'm not embarrassed to show my "ooggly" side!!!!

And this is in 60 degree air conditioning!!!

Then I did some modified pull ups with not great success. I'm calling Cross fit this afternoon. I might have to become part of the cult if I really want to achieve my goals!!!!

And now I will do 140 crunches and 40 push ups! 

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Joanna said...

Perfect post for when all I want to do is sit and drink a glass of wine!

Great job!

Jamie Campbell said...

love that quote!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Good for you....


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