Juneathon day 21 It was a KILLER


Today, I had a KILLER workout!!!!!! 

First I got up early with the babes and we walked 2.5 miles. Easy enough! 

Then I changed and headed out to the gym!!!!! 

I hopped on the Elliptical for the first time in this boot for 30 min and it was kind of uncomfortable! I probably won't really do again.

SO then I got on the SCI-FIT machine for 45 min. 

And after that I decide don a 20 in row. 

Once I got home I did my usual 40 modified push ups, 10 man push ups and 240 crunches.

I'm exhausted NOW!!! HELLO NAP TIME

TOTAL for the Day

Walking : 2.5 miles
Elliptical 30 min. 265 calories
SCI-FIT machine 45 min. 660 calories
rowing 20 min. 166 calories 

total calories burned: 1451 (not including walk the walk )

Annnndddddddd................I went with  my hubby yesterday to get fit for some "real" running shoes!!!! YEAH!!! I think I was more excited than him. 
He was fitted and decide don the Ascics Gel Nimbus 13!!! 

I also officially registered us for our first 5 K together in September!!! I might upgrage to the 15K but it just depends on my leg of course. 
SO I registered us for this race.

Hot Chocolate Race

They give out running jackets for prices and serve gobs of chocolate at the end of the race, Can't go wrong with that my friends!!!!

I have a feeling this fall is going to be a GREAT racing season!!!!

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Char said...

How fun!! You both will have fun running together! How do you burn so many calories on things? Either my counter is off or I'm not working hard enough. happy Friday!

Jolene said...

NICE! Great job and keep posting because your an encouragement to many of us!

Susan Liberatore said...

Maybe I will just meet you guys at the finish line? I do like chocolate.

Good luck!!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

If I were you, I would stick to the 5K so you can enjoy all of the chocolate at the end!!! Sometimes when I run long, I can't eat right away.:)

And good job inspiring your hubby to start running! That's so fun.

And I am thinking of you and your leg situation and hoping that you make it through! It sucks really bad, but hopefully there's a lesson in there somewhere that makes all the crappiness worth it. Hugs!

Christy said...

Awesome!! I can't wait to see how the race goes!!

And Asics...can't go wrong there. :) That's what I ran SL in, and I'm wearing the Gel 3030s today. You may want to try them...they are stability plus and have helped my shin!


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