Juneathon Day 29 and Skinny Runner LOVE

Juneathon Day 29

First Day off work in a 3 days. Headed to the gym SO HAPPY!!!!!! 

Did 25 minuets on the rowing machine and burned 200 calories!!!! I kept my rows per miuet above 35 the entire time:)

Then I hopped on the SCI-FIT machine and did 65 minuets and burned 910 calories! I was DRENCHED in sweat.  

I had my reading material and my Nuun.

Then to my surprise I opened my fitness mag to find out Skinny Runner was featured as the top riunning blog!!!! YAY! SR you go girl!!!!

And the funny thing was I just happened to be wearing my Skinny Runnner T-shirt today!!!! 

Go get your self one. They are so cute!

We have this hilarious coffe table book bout horrible bridezillas and my husband said this morning MIlton got his hands on it, opebd it to this page and said, "THAT'S MOMMY" 

WHat kind of mother must I be. I thought this was absolutely hilarous. 

Crunches and push ups to come later!!!!! 

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Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Broken leg and all you are still doing fantastic! Keep up the fantastic work :D
Love your pink socks & shirt.
I laughed so hard at the bridezilla mag!!

Christy said...

You sure rock it even in a boot. And you look cute too! So one day left for you in June! Nice work!

I didn't know SR was 29. Something I never really wondered, but also wondered.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Yayyy for being done with 3 in a row !!!!

Best feeling ever-- totally makes the long days worth it when they're over for sure!

Char said...

yay, I love SR's blog too! And I have those same ProCompression Pink Socks too :) Good job lady!!!


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