Juneathon Day 3

Happy 3rd day of Juneathon!!!

Today included a 5.2 mile walk over rolling hills while pushing 100 pounds worth or stroller and children!!! I burned 500 calories! 
I'll take it for my easy day!!!!!!!! 

I also did 80 push ups and 100 crunches

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Christy said...

Nice job!! That's a lot of push ups!

Char said...

Woop! Nice job, what a fun walk!

Katie said...

Yay!!! Do you like the Double Bob? We have the single Bob Revolution and need to start looking at double joggers :)

Cat J B said...

Wow, 80 push ups! That's amazing, at my best I could 25 and that would leave me knackered.
None today, as my arms are falling out of their sockets after a rock climbing session yesterday.


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