My crunch Routine!

Hey Everybody!!!! 

I wanted to share part of my strength training with you.

I also do a lot of work with my medicine ball and yoga ball for my abs which is coming soon too. I swear! 

But these "circular" crunches are KILLER!!!!! 
Feel that burn!

You must try them!!! And don't forget I only demonstrated ONE set here. You should do two sets of 20 of all the crunches!!!!

So now that my leg is broken I'm going to set a couple new goals.

#1. rock hard core
#2. to be able to do at least one pull up

Can anybody do a non modified pull up??? I'm serious. I know all you Cross fit fanatics can.

P.S. WINNER of Swift Wick Sock giveaway is Patricia Fischer. Patricia, Please contact me with your shipping info. I couldn't find an email for you! 

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Susan said...

Happy Weekend friend! xo said...

One good thing I took away from CrossFit was being able to rock a non-modified pull up, which took me about two months to do! The rowing will help build up the muscles needed to do it! Great job on the video! You're awesome!!

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

I started your video, then paused it about 20 seconds in and decided to follow along! That is an amazing work out, and I will admit that I only made it through one set of crunches because they kicked my butt!

As for pull-ups, I'm not sure what a modified pull-up is.. But I can do half of a pull-up ;) That's about it then my arms decide they are done! Haha :)

Oh, and I jogged yesterday for the first time since my Senior year in high school. I only got a block and a half with the stroller, but that's a start.

Char said...

I love a good crunch set and love what you do! Thanks for sharing. I just love, love these VLOGS :) Rock it girl!


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