My son. My Angel

My son sees me on the floor doing push ups and says to me 

"Mommy Milton doesn't need push ups." 

  "Milton is a super hero". 

 "Mommy you do push ups" 

Then he says "don't worry mommy I'll save you"

Then later he said, "I need to make some people happy today"

These kids rock my world! 

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Lindsay said...

I want to squeeze him. He's so precious!

Jolene said...

We've got 4 going on 7 children...and I definitely can't get enough of them. On a side note my 2 yr old does better push-ups than my 7 yr old does...its quite amusing!

Your kiddo is so cute, by the way!

Jamie Campbell said...

Awesome! so cute. :) said...

He's a cutie! You're such a great role model for your kids!!

Susan Liberatore said...

Awwww! He's adorable. And obviously going to be a doctor one day. :)


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