New Gear Reviews

I thought I would do a little review of some fitness gear that I've tried lately and let you know what I think of it!!!

These shoes so far are awesome. They came with a heafty price tag($120) but so far worth it! 
They feel like you are walking/running on little marshmallow clouds and fit great! have nice room in the toe. I ordered 1/2 a size up! 
Recommended. Oh and these are for mild-moderate overpronators!

Next up........BIC Bands!!!!!!!!!!! Umm....I can;t find one single thing wrong with this product. It has a good prie point and WILL NOT SLIP!!!!!! I MEAN REALLY it won't. Now even after 26 miles of brutal pavement pounding!


Oiselle is a new company that I stumbled across and am in LOVE with. It;s like lulu lemon except AFFORDABLE!!!! I ordered these shorts. They are VERY flattering and DO NOT RIDE!!!!!!!! 

I also ordered these running shorts from Oiselle and I L*O*V*E them!!! Very flattering. Very comfortable. My favorite running shorts so far!!!!! 


And then there's Nuun. These are dissoluble tablets that you put into your sports water bottle and they replace your electrolytes as you sweat but they don't have ANY sugar or carbs. SCORE!!! Don't get me wrong, you need those when your running 20 miles but this is perfect for your everyday run. I am hooked!!! Not going to run without it! 


And finally there are these compression recovery socks made in Italy!!!! I don;t like them. In fact I am going o host another sock giveaway next week and give them away. I have never worn them., they are brand spanking new. They are too long, like WAY too long so great for tall people. I found them to be very thick and hot. Maybe good for winter and I didn't find the compression to be tight enough. I ordered small. Expect a giveaway next week for these! 

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Jane Craske said...

Great reviews! Thanks so much for test driving for all of us C:

SueAnn Lommler said...

Thanks for all the recommendations. I am going to try the shoes. I have been looking for shoes that provide comfort and support. So thanks. Hope these work for me'


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