Trying to keep my chin up

This morning I went to my orthopedic doctor to have my bone scan read. Because I work as a nurse at the hospital where it was done I already had the results read and knew I had a stress fracture but I didn't yet know what we were going to do about it!!

Well, as you can see I have to keep my leg immobilized in this boot for an entire month! 

No running, no biking, no swimming!!!! 

I can only remove it to shower and sleep. I get to hobble around work for 13 hour shifts with this thing on. YUCK!

How am I going to survive???? Good question because I have no idea!!!!!

Disappointed would be the understatement of the year!!!! 

I can;t survive without my cardio. 

SO you know me. I always have a plan.


Row. I'm going to row to get in my cardio
I'm going to work hard on my core and my upper body. 
I'm going to take before and after pictures this month of my mid section and see how toned I can get it. I have to have goals. I have to do something or I'll go insane!!! 

So, not the happiest day by any means. 
I cried as soon as I got to my car! 
I just want to run, really that;s all I want but the doctor assured me that if I do this I will heal MUCH faster and if I don't it could take months upon months!!!! SO for now this is it folks! 

I guess I'll go cry in the corner and do some crunches now! 
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Heather Sullivan said...

You have an excellent plan in place! Keep that chin up and rock the boot. Once it heals, you will be so glad you did it! And your upper body and core? They'll be lookin' good!!

chacha said...

No swimming!? Wow, that's the first time I've heard that restriction for a shin stress fracture. But good to hear you can row!

Amy said...

Aww girl sorry to hear this news :( But I bet your core is gonna look AWESOME after this! Maybe I should get my foot put in a boot for some motivation :)

Daisy said...

Sorry to hear that but so awesome that you are going to keep going. Get it girl!

Oh I read your bottom post and the wilderness survival sounds awesome.

Lindsay said...

OH NO! You poor thing....REST and get well soon!

Rachel @ My Happily Ever After said...

it stinks that you're stuck in that boot but i think you've come up with a fabulous solution! do update on how the rowing machine works...i always see it at the gym and never have tried it!

Kristina said...

Oh I'm so very sorry you have to deal with this. I feel your pain. I recently went through a rough situation which turned into surgery. Besides the emotional issues that have come along with that surgery I have not been able to work out for over 3 weeks and can't for a few more weeks. I have already gained 3 pounds. I definitely have been eating my feelings. I wish I had your strength and will power!!! GOOD LUCK!

Christy said...

What a huge bummer. Ugh. This whole shin thing was supposed to be about behind you by now yet it keeps finding a worse way to ruin the plans. I admire your positive additude! Since runners are usually weaker with the upper body, you have a whoooooole month to prove that isn't true!! Sorry lady, I will punch your leg if you want. :)

Mendi said...

Oh I'm so sorry! You have a great plan though but I know nothing compares to the running!

Char said...

What a bummer :( Sorry to hear this. Try to stay positive, though that is tough to do. Healing slowly will be better than to not be able to run in the long run. Push ups & crunches here you come!

Amy said...

AHH I just emailed you, but I think I'm in the SAME boat! I have an appointment with the orthopedic this morning, and will find out the final verdict. My fingers are crossed that my race schedule won't be impacted, but we'll find out I suppose! Definitely was crying about it this morning when people were telling me to count out my half marathon in November, but I'm not giving up yet!


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